WoW Alliance Chapter Policies & Procedures


Chapter Policies & Procedures - Everything detailed here applies to EVERY MEMBER of the Chapter, and each member is responsible for being familiar with its contents on the day they gain access to these forums.


  1. Guild Chain of Command
  2. Chapter Staff
  3. Rank Structure
  4. Guild Bank
  5. Guild Roster Maintenance
  6. Loot Rules
  7. Raiding
  8. Guild Chat & add-ons/Macros
  9. Dual Guilding

The OTG Chain of Command is the same in any Chapter you join and it is expected that you follow it in any Chapter you are in.

  1. Members and Member Recruits-are expected to take issues, questions, etc. to Chapter Officers.
  2. Chapter Officers- determine if issues, questions, etc. need to be passed on to Chapter Leaders.
  3. Chapter Leaders- determine if issues, questions, etc. need to be taken to Administrators.
  4. Administrators-will generally refer issues, questions, etc. that ARE NOT from Chapter Leaders back to Chapter Leaders. The Chapter Leader will then ask you why you bypassed the Chain of Command.

Title - Forum Name (Rank)
Chapter Leader - Aerythe - (Crown)
Executive & Hospitality Officer - lynspottery - (Heir)
Senior Treasury Officer - LoganV - (Champion/Treasurer)
Events Officer - Prissy - (Champion)
General Officer - Mahala - (Champion)
General Officer - (Champion) - Nawtynurse
General Officer - Arcano - (Champion)
General Officer - Macneel - (Champion)
NCO - Cleanheartz

All names above are forum names. You should be able to get a rough idea of who to talk to based on the titles above. If the officer you would like to speak to is not available, in most cases any of the WoW Alliance officers should be able to answer your question or at least refer you to the right person.

Here are your guild ranks, and what they mean:

Crown - This is the character currently holding guild master privileges for the chapter.

Heir - The chapter’s Executive Officer and Chapter Leader’s alts. This is the officer that’s taking the top job when the crown is not available.

Senior Officer/Chapter Secretary - This officer is responsible for maintaining a clean roster and monitoring inactive players, in addition to other record-keeping duties.

Treasurer - A character isolated for purposes of keeping the bank and books in order.

Champion - Chapter officers and their alts.

NCO - Some members of the chapter may carry this rank to do alt invites for you.

Dragon Slayer - These are members who have gotten all their p’s and q’s in a row, dotted all their I’s per our Raid Policy. They usually have become a Raid Leader and have added permissions.

Group Leader+ -These are members who have gotten all p’s and q’s in a row, dotted all their I’s per our Raid Policy and have become a Group Leader, but do not have added permissions.

Squire - The majority of the chapter. Our standard Blue member rank.

Page - The rank given to new members during their probationary period after first joining OTG. This rank has some access to the guild vault and guild repair. Used for our newer Recruits.

Jester - This rank is used for other purposes such as security to the guild, or if someone is inactive in-game. All characters may go to this rank if needed to get a member’s attention. The chapter leader will do this without any notice. It is important to understand that we do this to give members more time to log in their characters or the website before we take the step of removing them for inactivity. We do this to save the members losing their guild reputation. So we cannot stress enough that all members need to log into their guilded characters at least once every three months.

General Guidelines:
Don’t cram a tab full of something you just used to level up a profession. One or two is plenty. Go vendor or auction the rest, please. No gray items please, even if you think they are cute.

We’d like the bank to see more traffic than it does. I know a lot of folks feel bad about taking something for themselves, but you are who the bank is there for. The normal rule is that if you can use it, take it.

The bank is regularly maintained by the chapter staff. We keep a watch on items that are sitting for a while and remove them if no one shows an interest. These are typically converted to cash through a variety of means (AH, disenchanting, vendoring, etc) which is returned to the vault. Those funds then go to support the costs of various events when we have them.

The Bank Tabs:

Tab 1 - Hodge Podge
This is just what it says- the tab for stuff that has no home elsewhere. Crafting mats, potions, herbs, what have you. Since it’s the tab for everything, it gets crowded quite a lot. I have boundless appreciation for those willing to share items they have crafted with their guildmates. However, we simply don’t need twelve copies of that awesome armor piece you just made sitting on this tab. One or two will suffice just fine, and feel free to link your professions in guild chat when you see someone asking for something specific.

Tab 2 - Bags and cloth
We store bags and bag-making supplies here. Every so often, some of the really spiffy 20-slot or better bags will show up. These are crafted by guildies for guildies.

Tab 3 - BOE Gear
This tab is devoted to odds and ends donated by your guildies. Keep your eye on it, and feel free to take items for that alt you’re levelling or a transmog set.

Tab 4 - Athenaeum
Here you’ll find a huge pile of glyphs and recipes for various professions for your use.

Tab 5 - Dusty Lapidary
Player crafted gems and assorted gemstones used in other crafting can be found here also enchanting materials.

Tab 6 - Ask an Officer
This is where we store two categories of items. On the one hand: hyper-expensive purple stuff. The other type of stuff you’ll find here are items specifically being store for use in raiding (which also tend to get expensive). These should not be going anywhere but for use in support of guild-sponsored raid events. As the tab name suggests - Ask an Officer. Officers can summon mobile banking anywhere in the world and move the item you seek to a tab you can take items from.

Tab 7 - Crafting
All mats for crafting of current content

Tab 8 - Happy Fun Tab
Pets, toys, fun stuff and miscellaneous items that can’t be categorized elsewhere.


To help maintain order we may go through the guild roster to clean out inactive characters. This can happen at any time for any character with over three months inactivity in-game. If your character has not been logged on in three months, it may be removed from the guild.

If you know you will be gone longer than three months, but fully intend to return (i.e. I’ll be back in 3 months. after my trip), contact a WoW Alliance officer for an exemption to the roster removal.

Changes by Blizzard over the years have made a lot of the specification of loot policies obsolete. Everything we might specify here really boils down to one rule: WoW Alliance is a Need before Greed chapter.

If there is a character present who will equip an item and use it as an upgrade, they get priority over others that want the item for an alt, to sell, transmog, or to disenchant.

Talk when you form guild groups to make sure everyone is clear on rules. If you want special consideration for something (e.g. there’s a BoE you’re really hoping to get for an alt), let the dungeon/raid leader know in advance.

Raids have their own specific loot structure, which is covered in the raid policy.

If you decide you would like to participate in the raid program, please check with an officer as to what raids are currently going.

8. GUILD CHAT and Addons/Macros
Greenwall addon is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to see all guild chat across both guilds.

We ask that you do not use Addons or Macros that post pre-typed messages in guild chat to recognize accomplishments, levels, or greetings. These tend to overrun guild chat and can become bothersome or annoying to other members. As a courtesy to your fellow members please refrain from using them. However, please feel free to gratz your fellow guildies the old fashion way with a typed message.

Dual guilding will not be allowed in the Wow Alliance Anvilmar/Undermine chapter(s) of OTG. Please note that Anvilmar/Undermine has merged with the following realms. However, while we will not be adding guilds on these other servers, they will be included in the no dual guilding policy. The Anvilmar and Undermine realms will join the Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, and Warsong realms.

If you choose The Old Timers Guild, we want you to feel that this is your home. OTG Alliance will gladly allow you to have multiple alts across our WoW Alliance guilds. You are more than welcome to belong to another guild on another server, however OTG must be the only guild on the Anvilmar or Undermine servers. Some exceptions may be made for members, such as a family guild where you play with your children or you have a character that is in a bank guild for the extra storage. Please tell an officer when you fit this criteria.