Wheel of Time TV series Amazon Prime November 19th 2021

This has been a decade coming. Potentially looks worth the wait!

New trailer released last week


I’ll watch it, but I’m avoiding too much info yet. I want to go in fresh.

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I remember reading the books, but lost interest because it got so convoluted after a while. I doubt I’ll watch the series.

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I’m really worried it’s going to be like Legend of the Seeker. Play fast and loose with the lore till it’s almost unrecognizable.

The LOTR series looks Very cool. That trailer was awesome. the WOT trailer was pretty good.

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I started reading the books right after they started coming out. It was quite frustrating waiting for the next one to drop especially the last ones. I am looking forward to the series just hope it sticks to the books while leaving out some of the slow parts, lol.


I think the Sword of Truth series would be great right now :slight_smile:

I stopped reading the books somewhere around book 6 I think. I read them all up til I had to wait two years for the next one, realized I’d forgotten too much and would have to restart, then never did because that’s a huge commitment. lol But I do have them all and will read them SOMEday.

I’m looking forward to seeing the show and how it interprets everything.

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They probably should preface the show with a woke warning…

i did not read the books but i have listened to the unabridged audio books. it’s been a bit since then and many audio books between then but nothing in that trailer made me think " ohh i remember that" i’m sure once i start watching the series and start hearing names i’ll recall much of what i listed to.

I think book 5 was soooooo slow, but the rest of them kept me interested. I hope the series is as awesome as the read was. Except book 5 I hope they make it better. Lol

I wish HBO or Amazon, or heck even Apple, would do Sword of Truth.
Sadly, this was optioned in the early 2000’s and aired as a Saturday afternoon weekly series on broadcast TV…and was poorly done.
I doubt any of these major studies will be able to do anything with, nor have a desire to, since their all looking for fresh content…since reboots seem to only last 1-3 seasons then get axed.

I’m kind of torn about whether I want to watch this or read the books again instead.

I read the first 3 before realizing it was NOT a trilogy.

Then waited impatiently for each new book to be finished.

Until… I was forced to create my “Robert Jordan” rule: “Never start any series unless every book is already written.”

I suspended it for the GoT - but only for television. Have NOT read the books.

So… basically, I feel pretty invested in Wheel of Time.

From what I can tell, the main protagonist they are setting up in the series is not main protagonist from the books.

If they are going to start right off the bat not even TRYING to follow the books, I’m not interested.

I didn’t get the impression the main protagonist is not the main protagonist. Just that they focus on other characters early on, which is fair since it’s not until later we find out who the Dragon Reborn actually is. (I was very disappointed in the book cover giving it away when it could have been a “who is it” type thing.)

OMG! I also tried to start using this rule after WOT. I read a few of them (don’t remember how many) and then gave up waiting. When I got my first Kindle, I somehow ended up with a pdf file with all of them in it.

“No officer, I have no idea where it came from!”

So I was able to read them all at once. That is the best way!

I did read GOT and he just left all us poor book readers hanging in the wind! Sword of Truth also took forever to come out completely so I read the first two and then waited until the end and reread that whole thing at once.

I have read somewhere that Morraine is the main protagonist. I thought that was strange but will wait and see what they come up with!

I read that about Moiraine, too, but that’s not the impression I got from the trailer or from other stuff I read, so I’m just hoping that was speculation and not fact. Lol

Well… sort of kind of…

He died without finishing.

Hence my rule.

I certainly hope so.

I hate it when something is taken and ‘forced’ to pigeon hole into ‘woke.’

When it becomes too obvious it was forced to try and be ‘enlightened,’ it becomes pandering for profit - and insulting.


Yes but a wonderful fan finished it up and is now a pretty famous author in his own right. He did a great job of sticking with Robert’s voice for the last one, I thought.

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This is why I now only watch British TV or old reruns. I just can’t stand it any more.


I wouldn’t know.


I suppose I could find out, I guess. But… been so long I’d have to reread from the beginning.

And I’d be triply mad if I got to the non-Jordan book and it didn’t ‘fit.’