Wheel of Time TV series Amazon Prime November 19th 2021

I get the feeling the show is starting with the New Spring prequal - which was written many years after the first books. That book was mainly about a young Morraine and her ‘pillow friend’ before they find Rand and friends in Emond’s Field, who both become major figures in the White Tower Aes Sedai later in the books.

I’m betting they’ll mix and pull material forward from later books similar to what The Expanse writers did for that show adaption of the books. There’s no way the WOT show is going to be one book per year even later in the series. Jordan perfected the art of meandering prose and chapters and chapters that went nowhere.

This sounds about right. My memory of what I read fits this description to a ‘T’ for sure.

Can’t wait. Amazon, please don’t screw it up!!..lol