What's in YOUR Fleet?

Understood of course, just didn’t like the “they never said it”. SC has now become a “full loot” PvP game, more so than Eve. In Eve, when you’re destroyed, you lose everything and the enemy can get some of it. In SC, you lose everything and your enemy gets all of it, making it even more invasive and grief-stricken than Eve, which is made more amusing because Eve has added a TON of PvE content, made their game a lot friendlier, are coming down hard on griefers, and trying to increase subs of carebears.

I never thought I’d live to see the day where Eve is a more welcoming game than SC.

What I wrote and what you read seem slightly different :clown_face:

Really the PvP slider never made sense to me anyway. Not surprised it was removed as it was not practical at all. As for private servers, they only made sense when game worlds were tiny and landing zones were automated. Back before atmospheric entry was even a thing, and completely explorable planets and planetoids were not even considered as a possibility.
Now, private servers just cannot happen. Maybe in the sense of a private Arena Commander server, sure, but other than that nah.

Funny thing about your description of SC vs EVE Mac, is that since the personal inventory and loot corpses and all that was implemented, non-consensual PvP has gone down. Not sure why, but for some reason it is the opposite of what you thought it might be.
Maybe log in, come fly with a few of us. See what the game is all about.

It is still buggy and all that, but it just might surprise you.

I’d be interested in server pop numbers. Non-consentual PvP has gone down in Eve as well, while the pop is up, at least according to the metrics I have access to. I have a number of friends who have gone back and are trying to lure me back in…never happen of course, but they keep trying.

Way too busy to fight the bugs. When it gets closer to launch, if I’m alive, I’ll play the heck out of SQ42. I log in and roam around my ships when a new one becomes fliable, though rarely actually take off. No clue how to fly/fight in these things anymore. Logged into AC for dog fighting and got my ass handed to me, big time, couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a frigging boat :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know I would give you a personal lesson anytime :wink:

I think I found someone in my league!

On a more serious note though, I think solo players will have a much more difficult time than those who play with friends. Having friends with you even if you play as bad as me will be a significant deterrent to a single PVP player waiting to ambush the unwary.

This is exactly my concern. I don’t care that the game caters to PvP and loads of MP but I worry that everything CIG has been introducing recently (and everything they say) suggests that they’re trying to solely promote multiplayer, and specifically players working together. Which is fine, but I think it’s going to make life impossible for single players. As it is, they’re relegated to solo-able ships, making small-time money and will be constantly grinding to churn out a living in the 'verse…while anyone in an org and with lots of other players with them will be more effective in combat, mining, repair, salvage, bounty hunting, mercenary missions, etc, etc.

Hello guys. Been awhile since I visited. One of the reasons I joined OTG way back when was in addition to being old, I wanted to play with people with shared values, the wisdom of age (cough), and the power of numbers. There are a lot of us here. I think if we stick together, work together, and fight together, we’ll be fine. I’ll always be willing to provide escort services, support and help my fellow OTGers even if they prefer to go the solo route. Solo does not necessarily mean alone. Anyway, just trying to stay positive. Hope you are all well.


I guess this thread is no longer the “What’s in YOUR Fleet” thread? It seems to have evolved into just chatting about the game.

Picked up the MISC Expanse refining ship.

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Activity in the forum is so low at the moment I think most people are just happy there are posts, even if they’re off topic.

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For me, it more My gaming rig blew up last May. My current laptop can’t handle the game for long. And then I was out of work until November. So in self defense of my finances, I’ve largely been ignoring SC other than occasionally binge watching the shows sometimes just to keep abreast of the major things.

I haven’t given up on the game. I am sure SQ42 will come out, and then after that the PU will follow. My only concern is will I be able to afford to build a new rig for it given the scalping prices of PC components right now while not risking my financial security. So for now any new stuff I might want , I’ll have to earn in game. Unless I win the lottery or something. ( and of course your got to play to win - and I am not playing - cackle)


I picked up an Expanse as well. I figure I can always melt it if I don’t like the mechanics of it.

Got an expanse as well. Curious to see what the mechanics of refining turn out to be.

Mostly use my Titan Avenger. I have a couple of other ships and they’re all exploration types. I expect I’ll use them all more when the PU really opens up (and I get better at the game :wink:

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Just starting basically, I had an origin 300i and upgraded to a Prospector and got an Arrow as well.


Added the C8R Pisces.