What MMO/MMORPG are people playing (Guild members) playing the most right now?

What MMO/MMORPG games have good guild-member presence right now?


What MMO/MMORPGs are upcoming that look like the guild may jump into?

My wife and I are thinking about starting up into a new MMO soon and we were wondering what the Guild has their eye on?

FFXIV has a strong guild presence and new expansion currently. 119 logged on in the last day and 169 in the last week.

Airen (Ariki Ko FFXIV CO)


I would say FFXIV and ESO are the biggest both inside and outside of OTG.

WOW Classic looks to have a good solid group going when it launches on the 27th.


BDO has a good OTG presence as well. Guilds are limited to 100 members and OTG has 4 guilds in BDO with 2 nearly full most of the time. I spend most my gaming time there and just started FFXIV. My focus will shift to WoW Classic when it launches.

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BDO=Black Desert Online I’m assuming. I have seen that game around but we haven’t investigated it as of yet.

That’s real nice!

Don’t forget WoW Retail… both factions have a solid OTG presence.

Yes, BDO=Black Desert Online. Sorry about that!

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I figured it out pretty easy. My wife and I are looking at BDO it looks like it may be a good choice for us.

Would we want to purchase the Steam version of BDO or get the game from their website…are there any differences that it would be good to be aware of before our purchase?

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The only thing I can think of is that some offers aren’t available on Steam.


One word of warning about BDO. It’s very cash shop heavy and gambling heavy. So if you or your wife have issues with that, don’t play it. You don’t need to spend any money, but at pretty much every corner of the game you’re tempted to, so it requires a certain amount of self control.

Otherwise it’s a very immersive and sometimes crazy game, well worth a try.

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I’m noodling around in WoW (retail) mostly because there is nothing else out right now that I am super interested in. Plan to dabble in Classic, but IDK if I’ll stick - been there, done that, not sure I want to go back to walking a mile in the snow, both ways.

I keep saying I’m going to give FFXIV another shot, or poke my head back into ESO or GW2, but I’ve just been too busy this summer to spread my game time around.

As far as OTG getting into upcoming games, you can count on there to be OTG people in any new game. We are legion, so we’re everywhere.

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I play EverQuest. :smiley:

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I was playing EQ heavy, but am between TLP’s now. Would love to know what server @Decebal is on. :slight_smile:

For the time being, I am playing a new Fury on EQ2.

I have been playing around in Black Desert some and WOW retail. Waiting on WOW classic but also thinking about getting in to FFXIV. Just not sure yet. Black Desert does have a lot of Cash shop offerings and wanting you to buy out of it but you do not have to.

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BDO is the one we are looking at, we can each dump $20.00-$30.00 into it now and then if it grabs us but neither one of us have ever used a “cash shop” in game before. We have of course paid a monthly fee to play most MMORPGs that we have enjoyed.

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@Groogo - when you apply to join the BDO chapter, ask if there’s room in the Red guild. I’m in OTG-Red and my family name is Basandre. Plus, there’s another couple who are on the NCO team.

I should add that while there are separate OTG guilds in BDO, we all use the same Discord to communicate and organize as one guild.

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I’m not sure what Discord is but I bet that I am going to find out :slight_smile: I’m assuming that it is a voice chat server.

OK, got it. My wife is going to register here and then we will have to purchase our games. Thank you, all of you for the opportunity to be a part of the Guild.

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