Welcome Nordh As A General Games Officer / Lost Ark Lead!

@Nordh has made the jump from “Blue” into “yellow” and has become a GG Officer with his focus on Lost Ark lead!

We’re looking forward to his help as he’s a presence we see a lot in the GG threads Thanks, man!


Congrats @Nordh! Or my sympathies, I can never remember which! :wink:


Thanks @Nordh for stepping up! :smile_cat:

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Congrats @Nordh. Thanks for your time

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Congrats @nordh

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It’s sympathies, @Bambi .

Thanks for steppin’ up, @Nordh !

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Way to go Nordh. Thanks for taking it on.

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Congrats, and also conversely, sympathies @Nordh! If you need someone to help with ingame invites and other Lost Ark/guild related stuff, hit me up!

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Congrats, sympathies, and thanks, @Nordh! :sunglasses:

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No thanks needed. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Lost Ark! :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the help! We sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks for stepping forward. I think OTG needs to prepare for the possibility of this game being immensely popular. We may need to have numerous guilds if each one is limited to only 100 members.

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Congrats! and I’m sorry for you in the same breath! Hope this is a fun one!

The big question is, is that 100 accounts, or 100 toons?

(And welcome!)

Typical Korean MMO style would mean 100 toons, not players.

It looks to be pretty popular, but I don’t think we’re gonna see anywhere near the volume of new apps for Lost Ark that we saw with New World. I don’t see Lost Ark having quite the same appeal as New World in terms of what it offers as an MMO.

Time will tell, but its usage is 3-4x the current level of New World and that’s 3 years after release. When EU and NA release those numbers are sure to increase.

This was recently answered in Discord. Guild membership is by toon, not account.

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