Do we have a server (Yes, it's Avesta!)

A good way to avoid the streamers is to play NA West. :grin:

Unfortunately, this will have its own set of drawbacks.

I say pick the server with the coolest name :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that if you have a pre order pkg that it will be delivered to the server your 1st char logs into. Server jumping to find a good place to land will mean you must leave your pre order goodies behind. I know i have a Platinum pkg and would like to know the server well before the 8th. This also means that it will need to be written in stone. It’s been a long time since I’ve played with the guild and would like to with this game.

I’ve basicly been game hoping and playing alone for the last couple of years. I just retired last Feb and have multiple physical problems. I did buy a motorcycle though and put 8k miles on since Apr lol. Ok I’m digressing.

For the most part I look forward to what y’all think and I hope we can land on the same launch pad.



Yes, it would be helpful to know as soon as possible what server we’ll be on, since I don’t want to log into a server and lose all my preorder stuff if we are on some other server.

Is OTG even going to have a guild for Lost Ark? It sounds like all we have for this game is a place on discord to chat and a small forum link.

Lost Ark has a lead too!

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Yes, but is Nordh going to create a guild or just informally coordinate OTG people playing Lost Ark?

In the pins in the OTG Discord Lost Ark channel: Discord

Benbrada is creating the guild and Lost Ark will reside under General Games.

but NW changes were based on server caps with 2k server populations. Whereas Lost Ark has servers much more robust that can handle far more people even on the lowest rumored setting (50k).

I recently heard this isn’t true. You can leave the founder’s pack in your product inventory (i.e.: not claim it on a toon) until you know you’re going to stay on a particular server. If I have time, i’ll try to find the source, but i’ve watched so many videos lately, i can’t guarantee i’ll succeed.

Found them for you. The launch details update on the LA site states that Founder’s Packs go to your Roster Storage.

The video that talks about this is this one: The relevant info is at 13:50.

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Nice. Thanks.

They changed that from the original info that was put out. They’ve been changing a lot of things leading up to this launch. With all the changes going on it makes me wonder if they are actually ready for this launch. The servers are going to get slammed if they get the population I’m reading online. Anyhow keep me in the loop please.

Al :yum:

If the roll out for this is anything like New World, both by amazon almost sister games, it’ll be a cluster fudge with popular streams dominaiting one server or another. About two months after start up half the ‘shiny streamer’ population will be gone, and true server stats will start to emerge. Then they’ll consolidate a bunch of servers, so anything you try to plain can and probably will fail. My advice? Pick a server and stick to it. No switching a week after start up to find a ‘better’ one. Every server with a popular guild or streamer will probably have a wait time, and those that don’t…do you really want to be on an underpopulated server? It’s not fun.

Lost Ark has been out in Korea for 3 years and it still has one of the top 3 player counts of any game there. Lost Ark also uses a smaller number of servers since each one can support 20 times as many players as New World. This should minimize the need for server consolidations. In theory, all Amazon is doing is the localization and servers, so hopefully they won’t screw it up.

Good morning folks! I checked here and the Discord pins, but still don’t see an OTG server picked yet for Lost Ark.

@Benbrada @Nordh Just curious when we expect that decision to be made? Only a week left before head start, and I know lots of folks are anxiously waiting.

I’m sure you both are getting pestered a ton, so thanks in advance for any updates.

I’m glad to hear that, because what’s happening in New World with their servers is just painful.

Coming… day jobs and all. @Nordh should post sometime today. Thanks.


We’ll all be anxiously waiting! Thanks!

I think they should wait until Monday. I like surprises!

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