Do we have a server (Yes, it's Avesta!)

Do we have a server selected yet and do we have a process for joining the Lost Ark chapter? I get the feeling that OTG is not ready for this .

I know Amazon released server names by location yesterday. Based on the number, I am not sure they are ready for this! :slight_smile:

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I’m sure it’s being looked at, likely trying to figure out the streamer dance among the US-East servers.


Watching for this info as well.

There are no server transfers in LA, looks like. So this will be a commitment. :smiley:

This is from a reddit poll…totally unscientific, but lots of responses:

From the Reddit poll I saw:

'Asmongold announced he will be playing on Galatur on Twitch. ’


Here’s another:

Does it really matter? By that I mean, Lost Ark is not New World. We do not have to concern ourselves with Territory possession and expansion, and mandatory PvP to get it all done. In fact there are a couple rumors regarding server capacity (1) 50K (which is very large) and (2) a Russian server had over 1 million players with no adverse effects (<— Yeah I don’t really believe that one) The point is that any game that has been out for 3 years and handled Russian, Korean and Japanese populations and streamers can likely handle the US versions of same. I suspect I would track streamers if the guild leaders consider it advisable but the fact is I doubt with the limited number of NA servers we will be successful in avoiding them.

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Pretty much only matters for queues, I think. And I agree that it’s likely darn-near impossible to avoid streamers. Didn’t several make last-minute changes in New World?

That was a major determining factor for us to change servers on day 1.5. And there are fewer here to choose from so as was mentioned, hard to avoid.

And server transfer isn’t a thing, correct?

As far as I’m aware, not yet. I did watch a YouTube video by a Korean streamer who said they are testing transfers there, but nothing official that I’ve seen stating we will or will not get that in the future.

I’ve heard second hand that other people have heard from larger Lost Ark streamers that there will be NA/EU transfers, but I have nothing to substantiate that.

As of now though we are being told, no server transfers.

As I understand it, guilds are going to be initially limited to 30 members and have to be leveled up to increase to the cap of 100. What is OTG going to do if over 100 want to join during the first week? Or 200 or 300+. This game is the #2 or #3 game in Korea 3 years after release. Total concurrent player count is over 300,000 right now before the EU and NA release. This game could be a tidal wave. OTG just added a link in the forums last week and still does not even have a dedicated section yet.

If our forum section and Discord channel activities are an indicator of the level of OTG interest in the game (and they usually are), we’re going to be just fine, probably with a single guild. There’s (so far) no indication of a tidal wave of interest.

I imagine much of that is because most people inaccurately see it as just a Diablo clone with lots of people running around in it (like i did at first), or were recently burned by New World and don’t trust AGS and/or don’t want to reward them with more money.

From my experience with all my years of gaming and server selection and what we learned with New World through the process, avoiding major streamers is a big deal. Not only does it lead itself to very congested servers, it also tends to have a certain level of ass-hattery as well. No offense to any streamer, but avoiding the big names is huge.

I would not count on server transfers to fix any problems as well. My guess is the server structure of Lost Ark allows them to handle a lot per server.

I would recommend our typical server selection process and if I was picking personally, Karta would win right now.

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A good way to avoid the streamers is to play NA West. :grin:

Unfortunately, this will have its own set of drawbacks.

I say pick the server with the coolest name :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that if you have a pre order pkg that it will be delivered to the server your 1st char logs into. Server jumping to find a good place to land will mean you must leave your pre order goodies behind. I know i have a Platinum pkg and would like to know the server well before the 8th. This also means that it will need to be written in stone. It’s been a long time since I’ve played with the guild and would like to with this game.

I’ve basicly been game hoping and playing alone for the last couple of years. I just retired last Feb and have multiple physical problems. I did buy a motorcycle though and put 8k miles on since Apr lol. Ok I’m digressing.

For the most part I look forward to what y’all think and I hope we can land on the same launch pad.