Warbringers: Sylvanas (Spoilers)

The new Warbringers is here:

This is also, I believe the ending cinematic for the quest line and event.

I am curious though - Sylvanas seems to out-Garrosh Garrosh. Her actions, even in just war theory, are reprehensible and she seems more Lich King-esque than Warchief. To invade and takeover Darnassus would be one thing, but to burn it to the ground?!?!

Am I missing something? It seems Blizzard took the “gray” out of the Horde storyline and making them more “bad” now. And this coming from me who has played Horde solely since launch. After watching this I cannot justify nor stomach playing a Horde character under her command. And I hate that.

I must say I am shocked that Blizzard has taken the story to this point. Am I alone in this thinking?

Where do you think they go from here? Granted this is only the beginning of the story but what is the end-game? A 3rd faction that breaks away from the Horde?

Just curious what others expect or think will happen.

“Morally grey” means something very different to Blizzard it seems. I’ve hated every second of the quest line and the cinematic leaves no doubt about how nasty Sylvanus is.



Maybe the Horde will come to realize that and clean up their own house before its all said and done with.

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Thanks all. I feel the same way. But I feel like there will be more than “Sylvanas is Garrosh 2.0 and then will be redeemed”. I just feel like Blizzard is or should be going for something bigger and I am curious how this will play into the story forthcoming.

If anyone thought Blizzard favored the Horde prior to this, not anymore.

Also where the heck is Thrall? Time to lay some lightning down on her war crime-making self.

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The Horde have always been the bad guys. I do not understand the surprise or controversy. Also, this is obviously a setup for an in-game plot twist.

So you’ll be joining the Alliance now @Penfold?



Did you know you can blur spoiler data?

Suppose they need a really good reason to escalate the fighting.


@Cefwyn yes. but did you know that you cant quote blurred spoilers?

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It was on the front page of Twitter in under 10 minutes. No one is getting spoilers here.

I wasn’t complaining about spoilers…just pointing out that it is possible, if desired, to blur spoilers.


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@SidonieAlaise I did not lol.

TIL that Sid is always ahead of me in learning Discourse shit.


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The blurring…make it stop. :slight_smile: I thought I needed new glasses. (It is cool though and thanks for letting us know!)

I also think its a huge in-game twist coming. But what will it be?

I truly thought that Anduin was going to burn it down to deny it to Sylvanas.

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i just hope we got some clippings to replant :frowning:


Definitely not Garrosh 2.0.

She’s far far worse.

I got surprisingly emotional watching the tree burn. I’ve been playing a night elf since launch and Darnassus was my home.

So many feelz.



Now if you port to Darnassus you get put at the invasion site instead. Also, I could not select the island or Darnassus at all from the world map after completing the quest chain.

yup once you finish part 2 of war of thorns you cannot go to darnassus. it is occupied. on the other hand its a quicker route to getting to darkshore for the daily world quests i guess… but night elf was my first toon in vanilla and im a little sad seeing it burn from Darkshore. :frowning:


Has anyone seen any off-hand or shields from the world quests (and not meaning duel wield either)?

My elemental shaman relic is a fist weapon and shield combo. I cannot replace it right now because I cannot get a shield or off-hand caster item as a quest reward.