Boy was I surprised with this one, it just release in EA on steam about a week ago and saw some friends playing it. I know Early Access WTF, I to am tired of EA but this is pretty dam close to be complete in it’s current state.
It peaked my interest so I bought it ( $20 bucks ) which is cheap, I can spend that way faster and get a lot less for what you get with this game.

It reminds me of my time in Wurm Online but better looking and less of a grind. I have over 30 hours in so far and having a blast. You can play solo or on a dedicated server with up to 9 friends, but the cool thing is your character transfers from server to server, so you don’t lose progression and whatever is in your inventory goes with you.
If your into sandbox survival and looking for something new, I highly recommend Valheim.

Cheers, Ed


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