[Update Not Supporting D4] Battle.net Tag List & Resources Diablo 3

I am no longer supporting this post as I am not playing Diablo 4
Anyone may use this content for an updated post.

I put this post together in the previous forums. Most OTG members are pretty friendly so feel free to join a game and say hello.

Diablo 3 Season Journey Tracker - https://d3resource.com/journey/ is for keeping track of and planning your season progress. [My personal favorite resource]

d3planner.com - https://www.d3planner.com/ is a character planner.

Diablo 3 Hero Tracker - http://www.diablo3tracker.com/ takes an account id and returns account and character information; a lot of character information.

DFans builds - https://www.diablofans.com/builds has builds a plenty.

Icy Veins - https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/ is an infamous (legendary even) site for builds. If you only visit one place from this list, make it this one.

Legendary Gem & Paragon Calculator - http://www.diablo3gemcalculator.com/ is a site that is helpful when working on gems.

Set Dungeons - A https://www.diablofans.com/ website on set dungeons. This is not used much but when you need it it is very helpful.

OTG Comrades

Forum Name Battle.net Name Battle.net Tag
AjtheIV AjtheIV AjtheIV#1882
Balaczar Balaczar Colquhoun#1944
bkeich Kaama Kaama#1157
Chimera blackstar blackstar#1334
Dag Dag Dagni#1997
Devonah Wise ZAO ZAO#1876
Fooee Fooee Fooee#1917
Furriosa Valkyrie Valkyrie#1120
Heathen Heathen Heathen#12656
Kel Thusad Drisken Drisken#1520
KellionBane KellionBane KellionBane#1855
LadyScarlett26 LadyScarlett LadyScarlett#1395
Lbishop Lbishop Lbishop#1663
Major Lithium MajorLithium MajorLithium#1238
Maybe268 Mayb268 Mayb268#1448
MercilessFir MercilessFir MercilessFir#1421
Mishoga17 Mishoga Mishoga#1706
Nautise Nautise Nautise#1931
Nymrix Nymrixx Nymrixx#1873
Rillarri Rillarri Rillarri#1280
NoCaRrots NoCaRrots NOCARROTS#2919 (EU server)
Souluta Lostsole Lostsole#1220
Steele Steele Steele#1180
Svedchklen Svedchklen SimonSays#1430
TheGOatWhisperer HornyOldGoat HornyOldGoat#1137
tpsabre Azura Valhalla#1240
Traveller Bryl slider609#1121
txMaddog txMaddog txMaddog#1486
Wubbles Rufio Rufio#12196
Wylfenknoll Wylfenknoll Wylfenknoll#1250
Zharkiez Reven Reven#1466
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Balaczar Balaczar Colquhoun#1944



I have sent you a friend invite.


I have already sent you a friend invite.





Already member in game. Been member since warcraft (not active in warcraft)

Hey there @Revark . You’ll want to start by becoming a member of the OTG Community in order to join one of our in-game chapters.

Here’s the place to start: Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here: Old Timers Guild

We look forward to having you!

PS: When you have members access, post here (link will work then). Alternatively, there is a #diablo4-invites channel on the OTG Discord where you can request to join the clan for D4.

Striker#1530 - Active in D3 and D4