Looking for more themes! In particular, I’d love something dark, clean, easy to read, but that shows a little but more of a difference between read and unread. My eyeballs aren’t seeing the difference easily in any of the themes.

Is anyone in charge of pretty-fying that might have something like this?

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@SidonieAlaise seems to enjoy poking around for themes.


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If anyone comes across a theme they like, feel free to let me know and I will look into it and see if it is something we can adopt.



i already added all the better looking dark themes that were on the discourse site. I’ll see if i can find some elsewhere later tonight. I have a feeling the solution you are looking for is going to require someone (not me) who can go into the code and change the color/boldness/font settings for some things without breaking it.

I may be able to make some from scratch with the onboard theme builder but I don’t know if it will let me fine tune it enough that you get more differentiation between read and unread topics like you are asking for. I’ll be happy to look into it tho.



Don’t spend too much time on this. I’ve been given the usual solution if I complain… I mean, ask for stuff… the test site :crazy_face: !!

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yea it doesnt look like that can be fine tuned without playing in the code (ie breaking it if you are Sid). You may want to try Vincent regular or wide. The difference in color between read and unread topics is noticeable to me anyways on that theme, worth taking a look at it and seeing if its better than one you are currently using.

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I’m a fan of Sam, although I wish the background were just a titch darker…

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Hello Darkness, my old friend… :smile:





sorry for the CAPS… but being on a 4K monitor, those white sites hurt me eyes…



If there’s a theme that makes use of a 1920x1080 resolution, that would be great. There’s lots of wasted space on the sides of even the Wide themes. Also, if we can make that superfluous scroll bar disappear, that would be great. Pretty much every browser I’ve ever used already has one I can’t make go away.

Edit: never mind. No need to spend any effort on this.

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info on changing themes and layout here

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Yes, but you gotta import Sam’s Simple before i can use it! :wink:

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YAY! Thankee kindly… :metal:

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I have created a light and dark fullscreen theme that people can use. Please let me know if you see any issues with them.



Oh i like these! Thanks TnT, I was using one of the vincent themes (dark wide one that i don’t see now). This dark full screen is much better.

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Amen!! tried a few light ones and they about blinded me. Went with Vincent.



I like the Vincent theme as well. Quite nice and much better looking then the vB choices.

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I just chose the standard Dark theme, I found the light ones blinding as well. Only problem being when people decide to make their sig dark, it vanishes into the background…:roll_eyes:

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Themes also show under the go to another topic list or category icon. Vincent is not my preferred colors, but seems to have the most contrast, so I’m using it.

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