Yeah, I think we need to find a dark theme with better contrast. Aging eyes have trouble with low contrast, and all these dark themes are pretty low.

I did a little looking around the other day, but haven’t uncovered one. Possibly, we’ll have to define our own that has whiter whites and bolder bolds. We can call it “laundry soap”.

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Laundry soap… nice! Or maybe Eyewash… =)

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I’ve been working on some Vincent variations but it’s more complicated than I expected. Hopefully I can get those working someday!!


I like 'Vincent", although I’d like the default text color to be a bit brighter. The darker them with the blue/teal is nice though!

Would it be possible to add a theme with more depth, something more like that layouts the old school sites of the early 2000’s, these newer layouts/themes seemly used by every platform today seem very flat and bland to me.

(As an example only)

Discourse doesn’t use widgets… the things on the sides. It was designed to be flat… you’ll notice that each topic is presented in a scrollable stream, no “pages” to turn. This works much better in a smaller footprint like a tablet or phone.

And mobile traffic on the internet is now over 50% of total usage so yeah, those of us who prefer accessing via PC are becoming dinosaurs.