Swords of Legends Online

Swords of Legends Online is a Chinese buy to play MMO coming to the west this summer. Watched a couple YouTube videos and to me it looks like it’s got some potential for a few months of fun anyway. Founders packs are up now and include the game, Beta access, and cosmetic items, nothing pay to win from what I can tell. Lazy Peon posted a review of the Asian release a few years ago and said he couldn’t find any pay to win in the cash shop over there either so sounds promising. I’m probably just going to buy a entry level founder pack for something to play while waiting for Ashes Of Creation.

Anyways link to the games homepage if anyone is interested in checking it out


Peon’s review from the Chinese release (1) Swords Of Legends Online First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?” - YouTube

This does look interesting!

MassivelyOP has been doing columns with the classes over the past week or so. The folks who are releasing the western version of the game did a livestream this week.

My understanding is that it is “buy-to-play”, the open-world PvP is consensual dueling, and the cash shop looks reasonable. I’m also glad to see it is being released on Steam, https://store.steampowered.com/app/1418100/Swords_of_Legends_Online/

… cash shop items are entirely cosmetic, offering account-wide outfits, weapon skins, and mounts among other things. There will also be some form of battle pass, but there are currently no plans to sell things like character slots — everyone gets five slots total at launch, and as more classes are added players will get new character slots for free.


The graphics look good, it was “made in Havok’s Vision Engine and is being ported to UE4.” I’m a fan of Unreal Engine 4, the video showing ray tracing is amazing:

I participated in the 4 day Close Beta in May and I really liked the game. Hope OTG forms a guild chapter for this.
There is another beta scheduled for June 1 which is only about 1 week away. The cosmetic items that you purchase in the online store are expensive but they apply to all your character slots so that helps. This is not a pay to win game. Purchasing the game on Steam will not get you beta keys to share with others. You can get free beta keys to give to your friends if you buy the deluxe or legendary version of the game on Game Forge site.

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It is possible that General Games will take this Asian MMO into its stable of supported games and get a chapter created. The game will need quite a few more OTGers playing it for that to happen. We will continue to monitor it as the release date approaches.

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I’ve heard good things from people that have been in the last closed beta so I think I’m gonna hop into it for thr next closed beta and see if I like it

Well shit, if Sid is playing it’s almost a lock :wink:

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Here are some tips if you play in the beta:

  1. everyone gets a free flying mount (for beta and retail release) so no need to buy one.

  2. If you get stuck on what to do next, bring up the WORLD map and look at the chapter completion status on the upper left corner of the screen. this will show you what chapter quests you have done and which you have not.

  3. early levels are mostly solo play but you will eventually come upon team mission where you will either need to group up with a npc teammate or with other players.

  4. There is no RNG loot. All loot is fixed but will experience some wear and tear and therefore will have slightly lower stats.

  5. You can export your avatars from beta and import it to the retail release

  6. beta2 will be wiped for retail.

  7. If you are the type to buy cosmetics, anything you buy in the beta will be lost at the end of beta and your in-game store funds will be re-imbursed to you plus 20% bonus.


Massively OP’s article on the Closed Beta is up: Four Winds: Exploring Swords of Legends Online’s mindblowing world | Massively Overpowered

The current graphics do look great! The author has evidently confirmed to his satisfaction that the current engine is the Havoc engine, but not that the port to UE4 and ray tracing is a given.

There are rumblings of the game getting an Unreal 4 upgrade, but most of that comes from word-of-mouth as far as I know.

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I am interested to see what the healing classes are like!
Looks pretty nice so far.

I haven’t played the healing class yet. In the Beta you will be able to switch to the healing spec around lvl. 13.
Be aware that low level healers will not have any attack capabilities and therefore will need to group with others.
Also note that the Summoner is the only one at this time to be able to move and cast abilities simultaneously. The Bard/Priest and Reaper/Occultist need to remain stationary while casting otherwise it is interrupted. In China I think they have added a 4th healing spec for the Pink fox Lolli class. Don’t know much about this class presently.

Other thing to note about the the two specializations for each of the classes (Reaper, Bard, Spellsword, Berzerker, Spearmaster, Summoner) : Only the common skills are available between the specializations of the class. For example the Reaper/Occultist healing skills are not available to its melee specialization and conversely the melee abilities of the Reaper/Assassin DPS side will not be available to the healer specialization.


Interesting, good to know thank you!

Probably won’t be around for the Beta. I’m in the process of moving and won’t have internet for a week or two. I’ll be looking forward to reading about everyone’s experience with it though.

If anyone has an extra beta key, I would check this game out next beta test.

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Unfortunately I bought my collectors edition from steam. I found out after that if I had bought it from game forge i would have gotten beta keys with it.

The game has 3 editions: Basic, Deluxe, and the Collector’s Edition. If you are unsure if you will like the game you can buy the Basic edition of the game and then either upgrade it to the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition later by paying the price difference in the packages. This option is available on Steam and I suspect also on Gameforge.

I purchased the Basic Edition of game and then purchased in-game currency for the cosmetic items that I wanted.

Just a heads up that people participating in the Beta will be able to earn a panda mount for retail. You just need to complete the activities in the Hand Washing event.

The Beta Event - News and Announcements - SOLO (gameforge.com)

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Quick walkthrough on the panda mount (which I messed up in the first beta)
1: run through the main quest until you get to a city, there will be a fountain. If you f-key the quests rapidly it does not take long.
2: wash your hands
3: time passes (wait one day real-time)
4: rinse/repeat (yuk yuk)

I tried doing it on the last day of the beta, did not realize you could not complete it unless you do it on 3 separate days.


Your characters carry over to CBT2 so can still get it done this round starting tomorrow.

Swords of Legend will be having an open demo from June 16 to 22 on the Steam Next Fest.
If you haven’t had a chance to try out this game you can join in on the demo for free on Steam. It is level limited to level 15 unfortunately.