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Nothing to Report

No community news to report this month.

Chapter Headlines

We Are Moving

On July 19, it was announced by AGS that US East Ohonoo would be merging into US East Orofena on July 21st. Orofena looks fairly balanced for those people who enjoy participating in factional territorial pvp.

You can join Orofena’s discord server here.


Technowiz was promoted to the rank of Officer in June. She’s been a welcomign soul to our community members and has dilligently been organizing the Coffee Runs for our community since early this year. She’s really stepped up in June and has been helping a lot as Sonickat has been dealing with RL family tragedy.

Upcoming patch

For those who have been away or under a rock the next big patch is expected anytime between now and August. It is going to have some sweeping changes coming that you need to be prepared for! A new Lost dungeon is being introduced, the new concept of a perfect salvage and rewards currencies for neat things is coming. Salvaging named items from instances will create a currency where you can craft/purchase named items from that instance. Perks are being overhauled in big ways many are getting buffs, some are changing completely, and weapon perks when appearing on a weapon will be even more powerful than normal creating very interesting perk choices. There is a summer event that will be launched with the patch and they are also introducing a new profession which is similar to musicians in SWG. You will level a musical instrument and play music for your friends. The better you are and the longer they listen the better the buffs they get from it will be.

More info can be found on AGS’s website. The release of this update is expected before the end of July but no date has yet been announced.

Forum Changes

We are finally pulling the trigger on making some permission changes on the forums and discord.
The request has been made and soon™ all areas of the New World chapter forums and discord channels will be open and visible to all members of OTG as a whole. This change is being made to simplify administration and setup for new and returning members and to allow visibility to other members in the hope it might spark more interest in our chapter from those who have not tried New World.

Volunteers needed

We are looking for passionate and patient individuals whom are interested in helping organize and lead mid week events. If you are available on Mondays and have ideas to organize something a little different or even the same as it has been please contact any of the officers so we can start a dialog.

tips and tricks
Your source for small easily digestible nuggets of knowledge provided by members from our community!

Healing Tip of the Month

Here are some key points to note in terms of the actual settings for healers. Your healing options can be found in the Gameplay tab of the settings menu.

In most situations, you want to have the Targeted Healing setting turned on. Within the targeted healing menu, however, make sure to turn Freeform Camera on. This will give you freedom to look around, instead of the camera always trying to snap towards to the ally you are trying to heal.

Another important setting to think about is Group Mode healing. When Group Mode is on, it only enables healing the members of your party, and when Group Mode is off, you are able to heal all allies within range. The handy thing with this setting is that it can be easily toggled on and off mid-combat once you set it to a keybind.

The Frontline
Tanking Tip of the Month
By: Sonickat

Fluid weapon swapping is an integeral part of tanking in New World. There is a reason we have two weapon slots and no build works at full effectivness if your only using one of your two weapons. It is a dance of knowing when you can and should get some extra DPS in with your offhand weapon as a tank weither it be berserking and going HAM with a hatchet, knocking things down and applying rend with a hammer, or throwing out a gravity well to help group up enemies with your great axe.

Every tank has their preference for off hand weapons and many of us will swap based on the needs of the instance weither we feel inclined to honor the damage bonus or we feel certain pulls or mechanics dictate we have the utility provided by the off hand weapon.

Additionally, it is very common for tanks to run Reverse Backstab, Defiant Stance, and a non shield bash third perk. Meaning that in order to have two taunts you run a weapon in your offhand that is capable of a taunt.

In terms of an off-hand taunt nothing can beat the hatchet although the debuff you apply when you use shockwave with your hammer comes very close second.

Situationally, you may also think of changing weapons on a particular mini-boss or boss for strategic reasons. For example, using a hammer on the 2nd mini boss in genesis to help with interrupts for his AOE Void Damage but running Hatchet for AE taunts the rest of the dungeon. Switching to Blunderbuss to range tank the final boss in Genesis or Nesh.

Not everyone does this granular of weapon swapping on runs but thinking about it and fitting it into you toolkit where applicable can make encounters significantly easier to manage.

The Honing Stone
DPSing Tip of the Month
By: Eli Doe

Don’t focus ONLY on damage output while in dungeons, make sure you can keep yourself alive, drink your potions and add some survivability perks to your build, remember a dead DPS does no DPS, it also helps the healer keep focus on the tank and the fight.

Pay attention to in game mechanics and learn them, even though there’s no script to follow in fights because every fight is a little different, this will help you read the room more efficiently and allow you to act accordingly.

Place your DoTs and debuffs on bosses, this includes primary and secondary weapons.

Make sure no mobs are on the healer, if you see any get their agro and run them by the tank, worst case escenario you die but the group lives.

Ress your peers, as a DPS you are responsible for ressing everyone on sight, of course you need to read the room, every fight is particular and there are right and wrong times to ress your group mates.

PVP Tip of the Month

Regarding Arenas. This is really important in the arenas because it is 3v3, if they have a healer for example or someone who is a much squishier build, someone who takes more damage has less health over all that sort of thing, then getting that player down early doors is gonna give your team a huge advantage. It will be a two versus three or three versus one and if you can get one or two of those squishy players down, you have a much better chance at winning. Now even if none of them are particularly squishy, the way you should always do it is aim for the healer first generally teams will only have one healer and that healer is going to be very annoying if you don't get them down, they can be very good still in arenas despite all of the changes and such because it's in a small scale environment, so one sacred ground can cover the whole fight. So you do want to get those out of the game as quick as possible particularly when it comes down to things like pot timers and such, if they have a healer that's gonna give them a huge advantage especially if you're running with three dps or one tank and two dps, then you really need to do that. So make sure you're prioritizing those, if not, then obviously the weakest player after that so that you can get an easy kill and make your team have the advantage by being a 3-2 up or something similar.

Time is money friend
Economic Tip of the Month
By: Sonickat

Invest in Lost Ward gear now. Both to use and to sell after the patch hits. We don’t have any Lost specific instances right now so there is very little demand making the items cheap on the trading post. But when the patch hits and people start thiking about the new instance those prices are going to go up. Then when the mutator hits it’s going to jump again. Be ahead of those known market trends and have your gear ready so it’s cheaper and hang on to the gear you can sell later at higher prices.

Dungeoneer’s handbook
Mutation Tips of the Month
By: Sonickat

As more players are getting to the point where they are completing high end mutated dungeons on a regular basis its a good time to reflect and update the information and knowledge that has been shared in that progress. A large majority of players are opting for “Ward Sets” for each dungeon type regardless of role. Their leaning into the idea of having a specialized gear set for Corrupted, Angry Earth, Ancients and soon Lost. From a damage intake perspective the wards are neccessary moving up and into higher mutations for survivability. It does become a scenario of balancing the desire to run all dungeons as they rotate and pushing the gear score higher as not only are you specializing for the instance but also needing to put shards into the gear so you can do higher mutations. If you haven’t dipped your toe into corrupted sets I would highly recommend starting with corrupted since it accounts for 3 of the current 5 dungeons and looking into the future will eventually be 3 of 7 based on the current road map. Bang for your buck you’ll get the most use out of the corrupted set as your initial set and it will let you get a feel for the difference.

When tackling ward sets for tanks your going to need to be a student of the auction house as it’s hard to find ward gear with perks and you want the important tank perks and the ward peices both. Especially you find yourself struggling to stay alive. In general the wards tend to be more important than many perks but once you are able to accomodate full ward with perks it’s a very stark contrast.

Bonus note keep in mind that when the next patch hits. Perks that you have on your weapons will be more effective. I would start shopping now as prices on gear and weapons will likely jump with demand from the patch.

Member Spotlight

According to our archives Jantic been a member of OTG for 14 years. He joined in January of 2008.

At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?
Micro Center - get me a sweet gaming rig… maybe a laptop too since we are going to theoretically charge that card until it is on fire! Ha! Truth be told IRL I’m pretty financially conservative…

What was your favorite TV show when growing up?
Star Trek although I must admit to watching at least a few episodes of Gilligan’s Island… hehe… among many other shows not considered as serious as Star Trek.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?
Major Matt Mason - I really liked the jetpack that when you pulled one end of the line, his backpack (through a set of internal pullies) would make the Major whoosh to the other end of the line. Oh… and don’t forget the moon buggy… it was great too.

How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?
Gads… would you be shocked if I said at least 20 years… with my admission… Probably some old hiking boots probably would win the age prize! I suddenly have an urge to purge some shoes from my closet between rounds of NW.

Can you play any instruments?
I’m an amateur classical string bassist. I have been known to venture forth and play blue grass if there is someone helping me (i.e. the blue grass folks don’t play from sheet music) and maybe a Beatles tune or two. Classical musicians are all about reading sheet music… so they (my blue grass friends) have been known to take pity on me and write out a cord progression or two due to my underdeveloped improvisation skills. Say that reminds me of a joke. What is the difference between a classical musician and a puppy? The classical musician can’t go off the paper!

What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator?
The oldest thing in the refrigerator… hmmm… that might require carbon dating verify what exactly what is the oldest… Ha. I would say, it is a tossup between the frozen Italian breadcrumbs (originally purchased for the purpose of making a meatloaf) or a batch of accumulated frozen cherry tomatoes that I have been picking off my store-bought salads (I don’t like raw tomatoes). I kept thinking I would make salsa with the tomatoes… but yep… now they must go.

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?
Build an excel VB program to calculate and display the a frequency/gain pattern for a phased array of microphones just to prove to a junior engineer you don’t need Matlab for everything… Oh… even nerdier… I did it over a Thanksgiving holiday…

What is your favorite cereal?
Well, my favorite fancy cereal is steal cut oatmeal with walnuts, blue berries and brown sugar… and lets not forget about a little melted butter to boot… with some milk. Grape nuts or Cherrio’s will do in a pinch. When I was a kid of course it was Captain Crunch or Fruit Loops, but the sugary stuff does not appeal as much to me now. Weird…

What, if anything, have you ever re-gifted?
I have re-gifted a Whitney Houston CD… In my defense it was for a holiday white elephant gift party. Our office has one each Christmas.

What’s the strangest talent you have?
I can wiggle my ears without using my hands.

What was your childhood nickname?
What is a childhood nickname. Oh… I had several. This one is interesting… I use to have the nickname “Atatle” bequeathed on me because as an intermediate student because I could really hurl a fast dodge ball. Well, exactly… what does a dodge ball have to do with throwing spears? Nothing. I think it was just a way of acknowledging to watch out for me when I got a ball because of my long armed throwing style.

What, or who, are you a “closet” fan of?
Derbie Girls

What are three things still left on your bucket list?
Going back to Hawaii and spending time on several of the islands, vacation in New Zealand and last I would like to go resort fishing with friends in Sitka Alaska again during a summer.

What is the worst pet you have ever had?
When I was small, we had a dog that would knock me down all the time. It was not a bad dog… just over exuberant in its display of affection… so maybe a mixed bag??? Well now… that I think of it mmmm… maybe that is why I’m more of a cat person now… although I have come to like some dogs rather well.

welcome to the community

We’ve had 12 new or returning members join our in-game companies this month!

Please join me in welcoming the following new and/or returning members of our New World chapter:

Caspian_Dantes (Caspian Dantes)
Christoph (Lux Luminis)
Khatiri (Mordhin)
Meam (Meam Too)
mhaas2 (Glinnt E)
spiritwolf71 (Spiritwolf71)
TPham (xTPham)
Truthseeker (Tasi Leiloa)
Warvar_Bloodrage (Warvar Bloodrage)

Upcoming Contests

We have several contests and giveaway's that are scheduled for the next several weeks.

Weekend Expedition Raffle

Beginning on July 22nd, each time you signup and attend one of Sonickat's weekend expeditions you will receive one entry into a drawing that we will be holding on August 13th. Details can be found in the raffle's dedicated forum post.

Contest Forum Post

Fishing Contest

Awduum is organizing a fishing contest to be held on August 13th. Details can be found in the contest's dedicated forum post.

Contest Forum Post

Housing contest

Awduum is organizing a housing contest to be held on August 28th. Details can be found in the contest's dedicated forum post.

Contest Forum Post

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