Still Active - Just Keeping In Touch

Well, it’s June, 2021. Another month, and I will be 91. Just want everyone to know that I’m still around and gaming. Have always enjoyed the elder scrolls games, have played eso off and on over the years and am playing it now using a companion (new game feature) to assist me.

Love static groups - use to group a lot - but I’m older and slower now - so playing games at my own speed now. Shadow Group (my current group) is inactive at the moment but still guild members and friends. As Old Timers always say - It’s all about having fun and we are all having fun.


I haven’t played ESO in awhile, but the addition of companions sounds intriguing. Love to see posts like this and glad you are playing and having fun!

Thanks for the update, Trustee!! Happy gaming.

Haven’t played ESO in a while, but I keep my subscription going “just in case”

I’m a little more active, so right now I’m playing WoW (Raiding in Shadowlands with the Misfits of Mayhem OTG group Monday and Friday night, and hanging with the WoW Classic TBC crew the rest of the tiume).

I’ve been trying to play ESO but not very good at it, the combat mechanics mess me up and I don’t have good gear to do the dungeons. I tried a couple but I know I’m not good in the dungeons and the other day somebody in guild chat was complaining about how bad the people in the pugs were and I’m sure that’s how I would be viewed in a pug, but I actually like the game just wish I was better at it. I’m 76 now and still trying to play :slight_smile:

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I’ve been playing ESO off and on for years - I use a logitech (keyboard & mouse) and razor keypad. These have programable keys. I have used them to make a profile for the game. Playing the game, using gear like this to perform actions and play the game takes a bit of getting used to - but it really helps out. Logitech and Razor are large companies - lots of people use their gear. Just do a little research on this - Perhaps you will get something and try it out. Follow instructions and ask for helpful advice if you need it.

As for weapons and armor - build up your crafting skills and make your own.

I love to do the storyline quests in the game and do a lot of exploring. I have high level, well equipped characters for dungeons, but mostly I explore, further develop my character and enjoy. At my age (90) I’m slowed down a bit, but still gaming.

My advice - Just hang in there and enjoy. ESO is a really great game if you like MMO’s.


Thanks Trustee, great advice. I’ve been watching the videos on builds and the dungeons and they’re helpful and I have a Logitech Mouse with programmable buttons, problem with the mouse is my fingers hit those buttons when they’re not supposed to . I just bought a keyboard without a number pad because I needed something smaller so it doesn’t have programmable keys, I’ll have to look, there might be one with the programmable keys without the number pad. Glad to see you still gaming at 90 :slight_smile:

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And there I am thinking I was an old ESO player at 67. But I am still a youngster compared to you! Keep going Trustee!

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The Logitech Pro keyboard is a smaller keyboard w/ the top row of F keys being programable. That is my keyboard. Also you might consider using a keypad. I have a Razer keypad, and I love it. My programable mouse is a Logitech.

I am using an Alcast Dragon Knight Solo Profile (over 800 Champion Points for the character I am playing. He is a stamina 2 handed melee fighter /w a bow. Very good damage - self buff with damage shield & heals – very durable in a fight. I use macros (easy to make) combining damage with a self heal or damage shield.

You are doing well, just keep on trucking and having fun. This is a great, big game, and there is lots to see and do.

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We are young at heart.
You can do a lot using a programable mouse.

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Yes, young at heart is the way to go :slight_smile:
I’m using Alcast’s Beamplar DPS Templar build which has 295 cp as of today. I’m going to look into things I can do for the keyboard. I need to get undaunted & mage guild leveled to get a couple of the skills I need for the build and I’m working on that now (should have started it early on).

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Good to see you Trustee… Keep enjoying the good times and your friends!

Good for you. You are building a very capable character. Should be really good fun times ahead.

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Glad to hear from you, Trustee. Feel free to drop into WoW and say hi sometime.

Ok Please give my regards to our WOW members, Tell them that this very Old Timer has fond memories of them and WOW.

Hey WTG Trustee!
Good to see you’re still rocking around at your time. Have fun… as always!


Howdy Trustee!

My wife (KPeppard in OTG) and me are currently playing ESO as well. We play off and on, but definitely enjoy the game.

Glad to hear from you and that you are doing well. :slight_smile:

Hi trustee!

I’d love to group up with you in ESO if you want to. I have active accounts for PC and Xbox. You sound like we have the same play styles. I just hang out mostly doing random stuff or whatever suits my fancy at the time. Just chillin mostly.

Let me know when you are on. I would love to group up.


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Love the new companion feature! Too bad they can’t carry my extra stuff…

I just came across this (after being away from OTG for a while). I love that you are still able to enjoy gaming and hope to see in-game down the road!