So exhausted trying to find another MMO to play

After leaving WoW BFA, i’ve been trying to find another game to invest myself in but i’m so tired of hunting games. I’ve tried just about everything out there that offers free trials and nothing is hitting the mark. FFXIV and ESO got me for about a week but I just can’t get pasted the combat.

Time to dive into my steam library and just wait out the delay till Pantheon … which I hope scratches my itch

SWTOR? Defiance?

IMO, SWTOR has the best choreographed combat of any game I have played, assuming your toon is a light saber wielder. I love just watching the ‘action’ on screen, but you need to time your button mashing not just mashing as fast as you can to ‘see’ the beauty of it. The way the game handles combat, you don’t need to be in a mad rush to burst everything down as fast as possible. All your companions can heal, and that is sufficient for most content. I solo heroics all the time and just enjoy the show.

I played swtor from launch for a few years and yeah, I totally agree swtor has some wicked combat. For me though when I play it I just get the “been there done that” feeling.

I think im looking for a game i’ve never tried or haven’t got far in but thats a hard ask cause i’ve tried just about everything. Most recent was FFXIV, LOTRO, swtor, shroud of the avatar, BDO and defiance.

Ashamed to admit it but even went to’s game list … DON’T JUDGE ME :frowning:

Me and a couple other RL friends have been playing Secret World Legends. It does not fully fill the craving but something to do with friends while we wait for Pantheon.

On the MMO front pretty much everything seems to be stale at the moment. I finally gave up on WoW with BfA, and I dabble in a bunch of others (GW2, ESO, EQ2) and play a few more (FF14 mainly).

SWL is one that I keep coming back to, because it’s just cool, and I love the storytelling aspect of it.

The new action combat system also works well for me, just make sure you turn off action queuing.

I get it. You are tired of playing the game

I am getting there myself. Torn between Neverwinter, ESO, and FFXIV. Can’t decide so I keep playing WoW.

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I am in the same boat, as I am sure are many others. Borderlands 2 really scratched the MMORPG itch for me, even though it is single player/co-op. Quests, big zones to explore, loot grind, fun NPCs to interact with, a good enough story line, etc.

Well if you want a time sink and have lots of time to kill, Atlas will eat those hours and weeks up for you.

Hey Dethklok,

I understand where you’re coming from. The truth is there is no mmo that will ever match the first mmo that you get into’s experience. This is because your* brain adapts to the gaming experience and the following mmo games don’t really have much of an impact, leaving you wanting more but can’t get it.

My suggestion is get off the MMO bandwagon and join up in some less grindy sandboxy games like Ark/atlas. MMOS have a lot of paywalls and timesinks to keep you interested in playing but is it worth it in the end?


I’ve been working through my steam library, currently working on Borderlands Pre-sequel but I hear you on the first mmo nostalgia. Mine was WoW and it’s still the only game i’ve been able to go back too and enjoy.

Wildstar hit that mark too but we all know what happened there.

One reason I keep going back to mmos is I like the never ending feeling of progression. For me, single player games have that why bother approach to progression cause I know once I reach the end, it’s done. Never been able to replay them. At least with an mmo, I know the sword I picked up will be there in a year when I go back.

As others have mentioned, Atlas is a good diversion right now and heck it’s dirt cheap. :wink:

It’s NOT here yet, but Ashes of Creation is going to be an old school type MMO that should satisfy your cravings. It ignores the bulk of those Asian MMO design ideas, no pay to win and holds true to the better design concepts of those games that came before it.

It’s still quite a ways out, the Alpha of the MMO is due to start up in a few months but keep an eye out for it.

It’s a great time to jump in on ESO. They just overhauled their racial system and added a zone tracker that makes it easy to keep track of quests. There is a fair amount of theory crafting your build, and combat is faster paced than WOW but not as crazy as Guild Wars 2. Finally, the story and voice acting are fantastic.

Anthem is also a nice change of pace.


I think Ugh nailed it. There’s is nothing like your first MMO. Mine was Lotro. I will always remember fondly running around in Bree with my RL best friend. Running Instances with an active Kin who I later met in RL when on a trip. Having an MMO reason to wake up in the morning and grind for traits needed to be the kin’s best tank and strive to be the best “geared” so we could survive. I remember the look of the pine trees. How my friends toon looks …all of it. Tried WoW and Swotr. The were fun too, but just not like home.

Nostalgia is a great feeling, and hard to get back to. That said I’m playing in Lotro again on the rebooted legendary server. Might scratch your itch. I think it only is for me, because it was my first MMO.

What I do when I hit this wall is play something different. I play Stellaris. Prison Architect. Witcher. And my favorite of all time. The Division. Nothing like Lotro at all. Maybe will solve with a different itch ?!?

Good luck!



I stopped playing WoW myself after many years - I started when it first came out and have all the expansions, my favorite being Legion. Gods I love those Demon Hunters! But Its the same thing over and over and having to fork up $15 just to log into the game - well it just got to me. And don’t get me started on the Achievements to have to fly in new zones!!

These days my main games are Eso, Neverwinter, and GW2 - in that order. I love the combat mechanics on all three, Neverwinter being my favorite. And the storylineline on ESO is the best, GW2 coming in 2nd - well aside from FFXIV but again like WoW, you have to pay just to log on.

There really isn’t another MMO out there that tops the three I mentioned and like you, I’m still waiting. Enjoy!

Same boat, looking for an MMO. Our house is finally almost built and I have started looking around. 1 year with only mobil phone and small tablet for internet, I have a MMORPG itch to scratch and I don’t want to wait another year for Star Citizen.

I’ve played most of the games listed by others and really am looking for something new. I would love to find an MMORPG where there are no classes, however the character still levels and gets attribute points to spend how they want with maybe certain basic affinities for each race. You level experience by using the gear and doing the things (like sprinting, or swimming, or sneaking around, etc…). Use a ax to gain levels in ax wielding and so on.
Not sure if a game exists like that yet.

When ever I find myself looking for a new MMO I think of the words of Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars movie…“if there is a bright shining center to the universe you are on the planet that is farthest from it.” As was mentioned earlier I find myself searching for that “new MMO” experience I had with the first MMO! When level 60 was the level cap in Wow.

Back then the gates of Ironforge were a wonder to me as I was used to Ultima Online. But in thinking about it I find what I am looking for is not so much a new game as an active community of players. Until then I have bided my time with Atlas. But now I have finished a solo Galleon build and am not sure where to go.

In the mean time I work on the gaming podcast I co-host and wait for star citizen as a friend made a donation in my name. I thought about swtor but a friend that worked on the game said it has become Star Wars the old cash grab and I think he is right. In the meantime time the search goes on while I play Atlas and wow with my sister.

Project Gorgon. You can even level as a cow. And you get skills when you’re dead.

I’ve been meaning to try Gorgon again. Tried it many moons ago but I hear nothing but praise lately so might be time to jump back in and see the updates

The graphics and animations have certainly changed a lot, it all looks a lot nicer now, and plays a lot smoother.

I was pretty impressed.