Shadowlands release date & other updates

What are you most looking forward to?

Questions? Ask here, maybe we can help!


That’s exciting…and I certainly don’t want to suffer an “eternity of torment” by missing it!

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Looking forward to the level squish. A little worried about them getting the balance right, but they’ll probably keep working on it through patches. I think it’s going to be a bit funny to see my my main (he’s a werewolf) hanging out with the vampires.

Question about the “Eternal Traveler’s Hearthstone” toy. Do we know yet if it shares the same cooldown timer as the regular hearthstone?

This is fabulous news! Thanks for sharing @Hashberry!

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It does share a cooldown. It is for cosmetic purposes only.

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The last Saturday in October…a weekend which will probably be a challenge to log in for the opening salvo. And, it appears Bliz is staggering the start dates depending upon player locations. That is a good idea in my opinion.

Looking forward to this xpac.


Thank you. Just wanted to make sure.

They have also supplied a raid opening schedule:


I looked at the World map of release times and I don’t see any kind of staggering. Meaning that it looks like Shadowlands will drop at the same time for everyone. Makes sense because we don’t want to give any of the competing guilds/players a head start for that ‘World First’ achieve. :grin:

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Oh I see what I did, I totally forgot about the global date line differentiation. lol

I just saw the different dates and times listed and totally overlooked how they related to one another on the actual map. Boy I must have really been tired and totally blanked that detail out.

Thanks, Mid. As always, you are a font of help when this old brain tends to skip things.


Check this out! They’re shipping it early for once.

How to change covenants released:

For those playing on the PTR, go get some zombie action!

And a nerf to zombies to go along with it:

So every Time zone gets in at a different Time, just the same GMT.

Vote for your favorite Shadowlands mount!

What mounts might look like:

Wandering Ancient:
Soaring Spelltome:
Nerubian Swarmer:
Curious Caterpillar:
Gooey Slimesaber:

Caterpillar would be cool as a ground mount that could transform into a flying mount when flying is finally released in SL

Slime Kitty could be cool if it added a cosmetic debuff Slime effect to your character when you dismounted

Tome would be cool if it added an +int buff apon dismount

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Some fan-created ideas of what the mounts might look like:

I wonder if I can change my vote… :wink:


More fan made concept art:

Ooooooo that spelltome looks amazing. My warlock would rock riding one of those.