Returning to try out FFXIV again

Returning to try out FFXIV again, I have several characters on several servers or worlds from what I remember.
Excalibur Primal, Lamia Primal Valefor Gaia… Not sure what these mean anymore.
What server are we on and how to get invite back to guild (In game and On forums)
Thank You

We are on Excalibur.

To get invite back into the FC you will need to find an officer online. If you were in the FC before, then the invite should be just asking (I THINK!).

However, if you were never in the FC, I think you will need to fill out a new application.

More information available in the thread LITERALLY above this one. Also, if this gets bumped down, the link is:


I like to rejoin OTG FC. I have apply on OTG FC sign in front of the FC home. My game name is Xodd Mortifear. Thank for your time.

I have been playing FFXIV since 2013, I am on Balmung and since we can travel, are their any FC’s available ?