Join us in FFXIV!


Please post in this thread if you are interested in joining our chapter in Final Fantasy XIV. We need more Warriors of Light!

Here you’ll find the information to find our Free Company in Eorzea:
Server Info:
Data Centre PRIMAL
NA Legacy Server EXCALIBUR

Once you have a character on the server, just connect in-game with one of the officers listed below and we’ll get you an invite to the Free Company. These are listed with their in-game name:

Ronnie Nuu - Chapter Leader
Ariki Ko - XO
Ali Driven - Officer
Puddin Oops’Youdied - Officer

A second option to join the Free Company is to post on the placard outside our tiny home (Plot 15, 3rd Ward, Mist). Please put your forum name in the request. If you haven’t completed the housing quests yet (which gives you a tour) Mist is a zone off of Lower La Noscea. You can be accepted even if you are offline and you don’t have to play tag with an officer. If the officer, or you are in a dungeon they do not show up on search and cannot be contacted. One of the shortcomings of having dungeons in an instance.

See you out there!


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