Requesting guild invite

Requesting an invite to the OTG ESO Guild. @Aldertag59 is how you contact me

Hey there Alder! For any OTG featured chapter you wish to join, check out the Chapter Information section for anything you’d need to know, such as how to best get their attention to get invited in game. ESO can be found here:

I just started playing ESO on XBox. I was a member in PC some years ago but haven’t played there since. I’d appreciate an invite.

You’ll want to begin by applying to the OTG Community. Once accepted, you’ll be able to join any of our in game chapters.

Here’s the place to start: Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here: Old Timers Guild

As far as I know, I am a member, have been for years. Unless I was removed for some reason unknown to me. I simply want to join OTG in game.

At this moment, you status is only guest, and we have no application on file for you. However, if you were a member before we moved to this forum software, and never requested your member access be returned, you may be able to skip the application. If you recall your original username from the old forums, post here (Questions About the Application Process? Ask Here) and they’ll try to match you up to your old info. If they are unable to do so, they will have you re-apply.