Real Life Crafting!

I made a thread like this on the old forum in the FFXIV section, but decided to remake it for all members. I would love to see what kind of crafting you do in real life! Sewing, woodworking, metalcraft, decorating, knitting or crochet, it doesn’t matter. Show it off!

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I am an avid crocheter! Here are some of the baby hats I have been making lately.

And a link to an album of lots of my other work:


I studied to be a potter and for a short while I had my own business making pottery, coupled with a small gallery in my home. But when the economy died, so did my business. However, I still have the itch to get back to making my pottery.


Wow, those are really lovely!

Thank you.

I’ll have to take some photos… I’ve made a few pieces of furniture and a lot of props for Halloween and Christmas… I’m currently making a new 13 foot AT-AT walker for my christmas craziness lol…

Lovely pieces @lynspottery. I don’t think I’d ever seen any of your work, aside from that lovely bust that you had a profile picture.

I’m a quilter. Except I really only like the piecing, so I’m the not-very-proud owner of a lot of quilt tops and not many quilts. Here are a few I’ve bother to take pix of over the years:

The blue, red, and gold one actually did get quilted (by someone else!) and lives on my bed now.


I have a fb page dedicated to things I have made, but it’s tied to my business so not sure it’s allowed to link here.

You’re right, it’s probably best not to. But posting a couple of pics of your favorites would be awesome! :slight_smile:

I can confirm. Sometimes she’s just really crotchety.

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Wow, those are gorgeous! I also quilt, tho I haven’t since I moved to this house because there just isn’t the room. I (used to) participate in a quilting group at my church, making baby quilts for kids in Tanzania, but we didn’t do anything that fancy. I really like all of them, but the one with the leaves is probably my favorite!

I used to knit quite a bit. Ill see if i can dig up some photos! Lately i been doing mostly papercraft and watercolor cause @juulz got me addicted to bullet journaling. I get more stuff done and its a nice creative outlet.

mwahaha… :open_book:

If I copy the image address off fb will it show the fb link here or will it safely just show the image?

Not sure, depends what link you’re copying. You can always paste it into a blank tab and see what comes up, that’s how i usually test my links lol

Why isn’t it showing up?

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I see, it @Akasa Akasa. Maybe it was just being slow. Very nice, btw!

Nice jewelry.