Race & Class choice

Has anyone really chosen the race and class they are going to play yet? I was thinking about a Dark Myr warrior or cleric. Also how many have pledged to the game to get into Alpha? I have given $500 in pledges so far.

I pledged somewhere back in 2015 I think. Which I also think gives me alpha access, but to be honest I have no idea…

And nope. I’m not even looking at anything until I see a playable game.

I was waiting for Alpha access to test. But
Human Paladin
Gnome Summoner

Halfling Druid
Halfling Bard
Gnome Enchanter

still planning on monk. I haven’t decided race yet. I will have a bard when they come out.

I haven’t bought in yet, but I will be this year late summer or fall.

Either Archai Monk or Human Paladin for my main.

Has more come out about the bard. It seems people want it, but I haven’t seen it in the professions list yet.

There was confirmation in the last stream by Cohhcarnage that the Bard will be in the game, but may not be in by launch. Also, they will be able to wear heavy plate armor.

I’ll most likely roll with an Elven Ranger to start, but I will have many alts.

Yep. @Grymmlocke captured my understanding as well. They’ve said it will exist, but there’s not much detail so far. It has not been featured in any of the developer streams.

Definitely looking forward to it, though!

I think I’d seen that too. And I’m glad they can wear plate. That will harken back to the days of EQ

Currently my thoughts are:
Human Monk
Elven Druid

My husband, Izander, wants to play a Human Cleric and a Necromancer when they are released.

I can play almost anything, my thoughts are that we want to get a group together that has a good balance of classes.

Good idea, @Kandora.

With grouping being such an integral part of Pantheon, thinking of group dynamics is smart.

My plans are currently:

Gnome Enchanter
Archai Shaman
Ogre Druid
Dwarf Warrior

I will be using Alpha to test for bugs but also try out a lot of the classes to see what is the best fit for me.

Gnome, and whatever gnomes can be, because… Well. Gnomes!

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Let’s see…

Archai Monk
Human Paladin
Dwarf Cleric

and Human Bard when Bard becomes available

I don’t think I can handle any more alts than that hehe

Alpha access here too !

Most likely Human, I mostly play human characters in games.
Paladin or/and Cleric :wink: and maybe some sort of Damage Dealer, haven’t decided on that yet. But I’m an Altoholic person :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to play with OTG members !


Archai Shaman for me to start, I think. We’ll see how time-intensive things are before deciding on an alt… or seven. :slight_smile:

Waiting to learn more about the progeny system before selecting stuff. Like if I have two characters I retire, can I marry them amd make some exotic looking halfbreed with a dual-class flavor that I would enjoy more than the base classes? At a minimum would I have the ability to apply the character creator racial templates from both parents when making the child? Or will the system be single parent based where they are assumed to have married someone of the same race after retiring? So many possibilities at this stage. :grin:

Im in the same boat with Splutty, I have pledged, but I am not really even looking at this game until I can play it or at least test it.

I am looking forward to playing in the upcoming PA5. My two char will be an enchanter ( Gnome because it a Gnome) and a Warrior not sure if a Ogre or Dwarf. still so many unknows But I will be there with bells on. Well not sure if the Ogre will have bells on.