Private Servers in Atlas

Atlas has the ability to create private Atlas servers. While we have an OTG chapter on Atlas’ PvE server, we have decided to allow posts in this thread with private server connection info and contact info. Any posts that attempt to directly recruit OTG members will be removed.

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The Bluesails Atlas Private server information.

Updated 1/30/19
*** We are now running a 3x3 circular world 9 server grid which contains all Powerstones and the fountain of youth ***

The server is hosted by Nitrado, same company that runs the public servers. Bluesails is run by OTG members and all OTG members are welcome as well as their friends and family. Currently we have 36 players. We have 4 admins so one should always be available if you get stuck or need assistance of any kind.
There are a few different Companies on the server. Alliances allow companies to trade and do treasure hunting together.

Most of our stats are increased, here’s a few:
Taming = x5.5
Harvesting = x4
Harvest health = x4

Level cap 100 (Player), and 72 (ships)
Skill points are 5/level
extra skill points every 10th level, allowing everyone to have almost all skills by level 100.

Player and pet stats are increased per level (more carry weight, health, etc), making it easier for solo and small groups to build.

Item & corpse decomposition x4, so you have longer to get your stuff back when things go bad.

All powerstones and the Fountain of Youth are now available in our 9 server map. We have a lot of space, 90% of land masses are unclaimed and available for new land owners - No HOA’s :slight_smile: The map is a circular 9 server grid A1,2,3, B1,2,3, C1,2,3. A1 upper left corner, C3 lower right corner. The circular world means if you sail out of A1 to the west you will reappear in C1 on the east. If you sail north out of A1 you will reappear in the south of A3.

To connect to the Bluesails server PLEASE follow these instructions,
then private message Bluethunder for the server password.

  1. open steam app
  2. Go to View>servers>favorites tab
  3. click add and add the following server:
    (enter the full number which consists of IP and port number)

Main(A1) IP (will show as tropical freeport on the steam server list)

  1. Hit refresh button.

IF you cannot find the server in game or have ANY troble connecting:

Open steam app click View->server
in the server window click favorites and click refresh
select the Tropical freeport server
click connect and enter the PW the game, may take a few tries.