Atlas PS4?

I had the impression this game was suffering a lot of teething problems so haven’t tried it yet.

Can you tell me if it’s running okay now and worth a look? Also would prefer to play on PS4, any idea if this game is compatible across PC/PS4?


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Sweet, thank you :slight_smile:

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Considering that Ark only runs on PC and XBox, I very much doubt that Atlas will ever be released for PS4 either.

The XBox version of Ark (and by extension Atlas, I’m sure), also doesn’t have the ability to run mods or large private servers.

PC and Console players cannot play together.

Thanks for the reply. Pretty sure I have seen ARK on ps4 tho…

You are correct. I must’ve missed that one somewhere. Not sure now if the same restrictions would apply to PS4 as they do for Xbox.

Well hopefully Atlas will come to ps4 one day and it will have all it’s teething problems worked out by then!
Otherwise I may be tempted to try it sooner on good old pc :slight_smile:

Hi Katey,

On the plus side, Red Red Redemption 2 is on PS4. /drool :slight_smile:

If you played ARK the 1st year, that’s where Atlas is at on pc. It’s still fun, most of us have a couple hundred hours into it already. It’s addictive especially if you like to build things or like challenges.

Below is the thread with some OTG Atlas screenshots, you can see there’s a lot to do and explore. It’s still in early access and will be for another 2 years, but if you can overlook occasional bugs & annoyances it’s a great pc time killer. :slight_smile: