Post your Origin Names here!

Going to track down the posts that have Origin names and consolidate them into this post so you can find each other. If you need to list yours, have at it!

I think I caught all of the existing posts. If I missed yours, please re-post or bug me to fix it.


With the public demo so close Should we start adding people to the friends list? Add me if you wish to group up. I’ll be playing on PC.

Origin User - TheDoibs

Hoping to get a VIP Demo code but might end up just doing the Origin Access thing for a month to give it a go. Everything I’ve seen so far looks great but I’m hesitant cuz of EA and recent Bioware products. crossing fingers.

Origin Name: DoomProphet

Edit: Got an invite. Thanks!

I’m probably going to pick up the PC version.

Origin Name: Floyd-Tha-Barber.

My son just order and we share our home Xbox with each other so i get it free! I will be trying it. If you see me, Lashwyn on the Xbox, please give me a shout!

I’ll be playing Anthem and I preorderd the game back in June, though I am only a Basic member of Origin Access so I only get the 10 hours of play time. Never really saw the need to be a premier member as I don’t play Battlefield or the sports games, I’ll stick to my basic membership. Origin Name Jeralrik

Planning to play, so add Vowels-OTG to your friends list, if you don’t already have it.

So far, I’m unimpressed with the demo, as all I’ve seen in the “max capacity” connection error box, lol. Apparently “VIP demo” status doesn’t mean anything.

But the game was awesome in Alpha testing.

I plan to play this weekend. I’m currently trying to find a VIP friend code but might end up subscribing to the Origin Access thing for a month. If I end up liking it, the membership gives you 10% off game purchase so not really much risk involved.

Hit me up with one of those friend codes though if you have any extras! ;D

Origin Name: DoomProphet

Edit: Got a friend code. Thank you generous guildies! See you in Anthem! * hope it’s good * :smiley:

By the way, if anyone wants to add me in Origin, it’s nightwriter2000 :slight_smile:

On Origin PC as Benbrada natch

I plan on being on.

Origin PC - Bruskie71

Is your name in origin Benbrada natch? I can only find Benbrada.

FYI My Origin id is Kasen23 if anyone wants to add me

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Wisenhiemer you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have bought into this as well, and looking forward to the launch in a few weeks. My Origin name is Edzwarr if anyone wants send me a friend request.

I just pre-ordered for the PC, so I’m in on Anthem as well. I am Ryukan on Origin so hit me up and looking forward to some good mech suit action come February!

Fun weekend doing the V.I.P Demo!

Origin UN: vailcantfail :smiley:

I’ll be playing Demos and when it releases. Origin name is kellewic

I’m JevFyve on Origin.

Will play this open weekend and if I enjoy it may preorder the game.

My Origin name OTG_Ulfur


I have the game preordered