Post Here If You Have Pledged (2019 Edition)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but at this point the only way to get into pre-Alpha is to spring for or upgrade to the Triumvirate Pledge?

That looks to be the case, @Ryukan.

I’m not sure it is worth it for PA alone. We’re already heading into PA-5, which could be the last PA. You can get in on Alpha for 1/4 the price with the Pathfinder’s Pledge.

@Design thanks, I was just confirming the tier at which Pre-Alpha is available. I can’t afford that hehe. I’m good with my Pathfinder pledge and waiting on Alpha

Ahh. I gotcha. :slight_smile:

Yep triumvirate.

Pledge level: Beta
Forum Name: Tokken
Game Names: Jammer, Macheal

Apologies for the delay, @Jammer.

I’ve added you to the list and updated the original tallies.

Can’t wait for beta to come around and to see you in-game! :slight_smile:

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Just adding to your burden.
Old Timers name: Took
Forum name: inselberg
Beta sign-up

It’s no burden at all, @took !

I have added you to the roster and updated the numbers above.

Glad to see folks continuing to join in. Hopefully we’ll see some movement from PA to Alpha to Beta in the near future.

Thanks @Design . I am going to focus on a cleric as my first character. I never played a healer before so it will be new and exciting. Anyone need a healer for your party? I’m the guy.

Hiya Guys,

Pledge Level Pathfinder which is Alpha onwards.

OTG Forum Name: Calicobard
Pantheon Forum Name: Calicobard
Character Name: TBD

Pantheon Profile has been updated with the OTG code.

Thanks all.

Nephele, are YOU an OTG guild member? If so, color me overjoyed!

Sorry, not Nephele, just Neph.

Any word on a release date? I hope I live long enough to play this game.

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Pledge level: Keeper’s Pledge
OTG and Pantheon Forum: MillerEP
Main character’s name: Arrocken

Pledge level: Pathfinder
OTG and Pantheon forum: Scurge
Main character’s name: Scurge

Previously Knight’s Pledge, have now upgraded to VIP.

Pledge Level: Pre-Alpha
Pantheon Forums Name: Jammer
Character Name: Stoli

You stole my name? Jammer. What’s up with that??

My signup with Pantheon and original Knight’s pledge was from 2016, before I was even here. As well as I had been using the name for years before that.

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Pledge level: Scion of the Black Rose
Had to wait to see the latest CohhCarnage stream. So screw it, I had the cash, let’s do this!
OTG and Pantheon forums: Poguemohoin
Character Name: None yet. Will be on the next pre-alpha playtest.

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