Pic a Day

OMG…when I first looked at that photo I immediately thought about a skunk. Can you just imagine peoples’ reaction to that? lol :rofl:

I wonder what it would take to fly with an emotional support skunk.

We had a pet skunk when I was a kid. Raised it from when it was so tiny it would fit in the palm of my 12 year old hand without touching any fingers.

They are SOOOO adorable.


Well, you know how when people visit, see you have a big dog in the yard - then freeze and ask “is it safe?”

With a skunk they don’t freeze - they instantly start running away, shouting over their shoulder “SKUUUNK! SKUUunnk!”


Here’s a great video of a canine family… (sounds just like my two boys did when they were young and arguing about something… :rofl:)

Loud talking huskies arguing



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You sit on that barstool and it goes meow

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You sit on that barstool and it bites your ass.


It’s a flat cat.



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A new take on the Tango Argentina dance. lol

I was thinking Valentine’s Day when I posted it. :gift_heart:

That’s great. When I first saw that image, Tango Argentina popped into my head. The image reflected the tightly controlled and incredible partnership required to attain a good Tango. I danced for many years in my youth then picked it up again after I divorced. It was a great way for me to engage in social activities that also fed my passion for dance.

Here is a video of a street Tango which is really evocative of that amazing dance. If you google Tango Argentina championships, you will find a myriad of styles within the tango. I remember it as incredibly intense.

I remember a group of Argentina dancers visiting our studio back in the late 70’s. They brought this beautiful dance and taught many of us how to attain a good form and movement with very little prior skill in this dance. It became one of my favorites to perform, but it was really hard to find a partner capable of the skill required to lead the dance. I did a lot of ballroom, disco and even country dancing in my career as a semi-pro but I only found maybe 3 men with the ability to lead without throwing me all over the dance floor… :rofl:

I don’t dance any longer except in exercise but I do miss it. My all time favorite dance was the New York Hustle. That was incredibly fast paced and both partners really had to know the movements. It too was a difficult dance to find a good partner who could lead well without throwing me around.

I had such an amazing ballroom dance instructor years ago who taught me how to follow the slightest lead pressure from my partner that it was very difficult for me to find anyone I could relax enough with to really enjoy the dance without worrying about where I would land next. :rofl:

The irony is those lizards are probably fighting in that image hehe.


Yea, my first thought about the lizards was ‘sumo wrestlers.’ And I swear the lady sitting next to me (I’m having coffee at Whole Foods grocery) just asked me to lower my laugh. I was lol’ing at the batteries post.