Palia upcoming MMO with inspiration from Sims/Animal Crossing, and Breath of the Wild

Palia was just announced a few hours ago. Reading the announcement article sounds like its going to be a less hardcore, more chill type game. Not sure if it’ll be for me or not but I 100% plan on giving it a try to find out. Even if I find it’s not my cup of tea I’d imagine at least a few people here would enjoy this type of game.

The announcement article:


I am excited for this and signed up for the prealpha

Oh wow!!! This looks amazing. I’d love to play this game. Love the aesthetic and animated art style.

Signed up for Pre Alpha. Enjoy farming games.

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Also signed up for pre-alpha. Will be curious as to what the game payment model will be though.

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Thanks! Just signed up, went all out on the questionnaire lol.

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Thanks for posting! This somehow escaped my notice. Signed up for the alpha. A chill, cozy MMO sounds perfect right about now.

This sounds great to me as well… Have already signed up for pre-alpha… Looking foward to something different =)