Over 4 years virus free and NOW i get it? ☹

I made it over 4 years without getting covid and NOW I GET IT!! WTF!! :frowning_face:

I’m fully Vaxed. Has anybody else had it while being vaxed? what can I expect?

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None of the Covid vacs will stop you getting Covid, and that goes for all variants.

What they will do is reduce the severity of any symptoms you may have and greatly reduce the chance of a hospital admission and death.
The unvaccinated are at the highest risk of death
Currently in Scotland its 1 in 25 have Covid so it hasn’t gone away
Best advice is still wash hands regularly and wear a mask in crowded spaces

If you are young(ish) and generally quite fit it will probably pass in 7-10 days and be like a bad flu at worst

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Well actually the people with the highest risk of death are those with 3 or more existing health conditions like diabetes, heart troubles, kidney troubles, basically organ issues, bad lungs etc. If you actually do some real research and not rely on what mass media is feeding you, you might actually get some truth. The narrative that Pfizer/Fauci et al fed you is unraveling and they definitely do not care about your health.


The internet is the worst place to get any truth and the biggest problem.

When Scotland was hit with a smallpox outbreak in the 1950’s hundreds were dying even although a vaccine was available.
Then more people died and the spread accelerated, then in Glasgow they were vaccinating 300 people an hour. The vaccination program continued and smallpox was eradicated in the UK.
Today Smallpox doesn’t exist due to a worldwide vaccination program. India was the last known case in 1977
I still stand by my statement of death by covid

There has always been vaccine reluctance but the one dominant fact is vaccines save lives

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This just depends on how your body reacts to it. My wife and I both got it a couple of months ago for the first time. I never stopped working (at the office) was constantly around people with it and it never effected me or my wife.

Then one day my wife has a soar throat and fever and gets tested and its positive, about 4 days later I start to get a soar through so I go get tested and boom I got it. It was like a cold for both of us. Day 2 was bad, day 3 just as bad maybe worse, then it tapered off just like any flu or cold I’ve ever had.

By bad I mean, sitting on the couch watching movies, drinking water and sleeping. Temp never got above 101, had slight chills if I was out from under blankets for a long period of time, and slight soar throat. No breathing issues.

I’m middle age, as far as what shape i’m in, I would say round, and I don’t exercise, but I also don’t have any pre-existing health conditions other than sleep apnea.

Drink fluids, eat something, take Tamiflu or something else for the symptoms and good luck, hopefully you just get a few days of rest out of this.

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yes i did get it after being vaxed,
Hubby got it from work and he was not Vaxed at the time, it was the 1st year of the outbreak.
He had lost his taste and smell and a little head cold symptoms for about 2 weeks.
Even after being vaxed I ended up with the worst chest congestion in my life.
If I get it now at least there is an antiviral out there that will help.

I lost my sister to covid last year, she had a few health conditions and was not vaxed, she thought she would tough it out and not seek out medical treatment.

If you think you have it, get tested, talk to your doctor and ask about antiviral treatments.

When I got it there was no antiviral medication out yet, my doctor’s office called me every day to check on me for 2 weeks to see how I was doing because I have Crohn’s and CKD.

My grandson had covid over Christmas break and no one else in the house got it, I was shocked since we all share the same bathroom.


We think we got the Omicron version because of how it actually progressed. It acted just like a bad cold and we did not have fevers, but we did have body aches and fatigue, etc. Could still taste and smell things too. But the tests don’t differentiate between versions at all only if you have it or not.

I’ve been vaccinated and double boosted so when I got it, it felt like a bad cold without the chest congestion, but my bronchial tubes seem to have been affected a bit instead. I could still breath well enough even with that issue.

He brought it home from a table top game he DM’d where one person said they had a cold, but more than likely it was more than just a cold. Fortunately he had gotten his first booster a month earlier which mitigated how it affected him.

I picked up EmergenC gummies and we drank lots and lots of water. I brewed green tea like a crazy person because for some reason it really seemed to be better than coffee. Although my doctor kept in touch, she was confident I would be just fine because I don’t seem to have any underlying health issues that could affect how my body would react to it. Just an old body. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I’m diabetic and have asthma so Its a toss up at this point. Hopefully I’ll be ok. Still waiting on my doc to call me back.

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The COVID-19 vaccine was not designed to ‘stop infection.’ That was a fabrication of politicians and the media.

It was only ever intended to reduce risk of severe outcomes.

Most people who had COVID-19 didn’t know it. They had no symptoms or so mild they assumed it was a cold during the time of the hype of how severe COVID-19 was. If they weren’t required to test regular or just curious, they would never have known if it was COVID. Assuming the test result was accurate at the time.

You’ve caught COVID. The real question is, are you in hospital or dying?

Are you doing anything you wouldn’t be doing if it was a ‘common cold?’ Staying away from others., rest, eat well, hydrate? See your doctor if symptoms become severe.

If you were at risk of severe outcomes - old, comorbidities like diabetes or obesity - but are not in hospital, the vaccine DID do its job. It DID work.

(Interesting tidbit: About half of what we call ‘the common cold’ are caused by coronaviruses. COVID-19 will soon become just another one of them.

CDC guidance for colds and COVID-19 are essentially the same: Rest, drink fluids, and use over-the-counter medicines for fever. Only see your doctor for severe symptoms or if at high risk.

Personally, I would also add ‘To stay healthy, stay away from social media for medical information’ - so click the links above.


I’m glad to hear you’re vaccinated. You should be fine, but don’t play around if your symptoms get worse than a common cold. But, don’t listen to me, listen to your doctor. :slightly_smiling_face:

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doc said I should ride it out fine just drink lots of water, take Tylenol for any fever, and call if it gets worse. Blood sugar might be out of wack a bit though.

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I am fully vaxxed and boosted and I have had COVID 4 times. The first, prior to the vaccine, almost put me in the hospital. I was down for 7 days and could barely breath without coughing at times.

The second, after the first two doses, I lost taste and smell and was down for 3 days. Aches and pains mainly.

The third was a little fever, aches and pains and congestion - basically common cold/flu like.

Last time was like allergies. I did not know I had it.

Vaccine makes it easier to deal with. I have the three worst co-morbidities and thats why I got vaxxed. I work in higher ed and some days see 15-20 students, have an office of 15 and a campus community of over 7k. COVID is and has been everywhere.

Rest, drink plenty of fluids, treat the symptoms. I found chicken noodle soup helped a ton as did Elderberry gummies. I swear by them now. :slight_smile: Hope you feel better soon.


symptoms I’ve experienced so far:

Sore throat
runny nose

currently, the sore throat and runny nose are the worse symptoms I have…lol

OTG has a long history of side-tracking and/or derailing topics. I actually appreciate that, and enjoy how our conversations often meander.

That being said, I’d like to request that further responses in this thread be directly related to the OP’s current situation and what he can expect moving forward. i.e. what helps with various symptoms, how long will it last, etc.

Thanks all!

Stay hydrated @Kelryth ! That’s all I got.


@Kelryth Please take care of yourself and be well!!! :fist_right:

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Kelryth, what I found worked for both me (78yrs) and my son (50yrs) was lots of water. Limiting green tea to only 2-4 cups a day (more seemed to dehydrate), citrus fruit (oranges, tangerines, mandarins) and hearty, easy to tolerate soups (specifically chicken soup).

I made lots of chicken soup with freshly seared chicken thigh meat (has more oomph and flavor), a large diced up onion, plus added some of that bone broth to increase the value of the soup. Then added some brown rice I had left over from our meal earlier in the week for volume. I did add salt just to help our bodies fight off the virus. Salt is something I always use in things we ingest when we are ill, because it is a natural anti-histamine which helps relieve inflammation and congestion in the airways.

Oh, and my doctor recommended we use Emergen-C Immune+ Immune Gummies, Vitamin D plus 750 mg Vitamin C, Immune Support Dietary Supplement, Caffeine Free, Gluten Free, Super Orange Flavor. These were surprisingly effective I might add. I noticed a big difference around day two after I started with these.

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To further clarify what I think was clear enough: We’ll be enforcing this. You can discuss the other stuff if you want, but you’ll have to start your own thread.

Hope you’re already starting to feel better, Kelryth!

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Good news and bad news and somewhat good news

I had to go to the hospital due to Covid exasperated Asthma. The good news is that the covid should be cleared or at least the symptoms should be gone in a few days.

Bad news my asthma issue will take a month or more to get back to where I was.

The somewhat good news is the ambulance driver gave me a mask that is thicker and harder to breathe through so the level of difficulty I was having in the hospital was way less when I took it off at home.

I hope the asthma gets back where you want it sooner rather than later. My wife has life-long asthma, so I’m especially sympathetic.

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