Our new rescue

Here is Margo, our new rescue dog. She joined our family just an hour ago and is currently touring the inside of the house.

She is part Jackie Russell, dachshund and chihuahua and extremely well behaved. A little timid at this point but getting to know us. Such a sweet disposition. :grinning:

Update: Found out yesterday after speaking with Margo’s foster, that she might even have some terrier mixed into that genealogy… and, she is starting to settle in nicely…got lots of tail wags this morning and she was very polite by sitting at the sliding glass door waiting to go out. Nice girl to alert me so politely. :ok_hand:


Awwwwwww :dog:

So cute! :heart_eyes:

She is adorable!

She is adorable :purple_heart:

totally adorbs!!!

And part bat!

(Yes I know that’s the chihuahuahahaha part, but still…)

LOL, that awesome and she looks like she’s gonna be a great addition to the family <3

What a cutie!! Lyn I’m so glad you found each other! New adventures await and we look forward to the fun stories she will bring. Now you can start exploring some of the amazing dog parks around Atlanta!

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Part Bat? all she needs now is Batman’s cape…Halloween is coming up…hehehhehe

thank you all for your kind words. She actually barked last night…once. So if someone unknown does show up at the door, they’d better look out. Our “batman-Margo” is on the alert. :joy:

The ears :smiley: But yes. A batman cape would be great. Haha.

We shall see if she will stand still for dress-up. Not sure yet since she is a new household addition.

She is adorable!! Congrats to you and to her, what fun.

Update: out walking she is totally a blast to watch. She wants to chase every critter she sees …that is until its another dog. lol :rofl:

We met up with a neighbor and his small terrier last evening and she ran up meet him, that is until he met her half way and was so excited to see her that he bounced all over the place and started coughing. His owner said he is somewhat excitable and he reeled him in to help control the situation. Margo just backed away and, although she did not hide behind me, she got closer to me and that showed me she was still very uncertain…but we are working to change that.

I think that if we meet on our walks more often, both might be able to become friends, but it will need to be a slow walk. Margo is ok as long as she does not feel threatened. I think being abandoned caused her some trauma which we are addressing.

Last night she licked my son’s hand…I told him it might have been the residue off the small treat I gave him as he came in the door, to meet Margo with. Seemed to work well as she did not bark at him or run and hide. He is so good that he just sat on the floor for a while and she actually became curious enough to go up to him and allowed him to pet her.

He has more experience with dogs than I do but every once in a while he says something that I never thought of. Of course, I was only able to compare to my history with cats and a long ago St. Bernard who definitely was not shy with anyone. So I am learning too. I think my son is enjoying this adjustment and it makes my heart happy.

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What a cutie! Indeed those fuzzy bat ears won’t miss a thing. :slight_smile:

Something that worked for me in helping shelter dogs not be paranoid around strangers is to always carry her favorite treats with you (real meat is usually a great incentive). Toss one to any friend/family/neighbor that visits, have that person crouch or sit down (if possible, less intimidating than hovering) and hold the treat in their hand. Without the stranger reaching to pet her just wait for her to get the yummy treat from the persons hand, praise when she does. If you visit pet stores the staff is usually more than happy to help with that too.

It takes time, but after a while she’ll learn that only good things happen when strangers appear and that should soon lead into strangers petting her. Unless of course you want her to be a guard/attack dog, then instead teach her to lunge for a strangers throat. :wink: And remember not to “comfort” her when she’s being shy around people or dogs, she’ll interpret that as praise and it reinforces the shy behavior.

Looking forward to seeing her Halloween costume, most of the Petco/Petsmart pet costume contests are in the middle of October. :smiley:

speaking of halloween costumes… just gonna say that Michael’s has an adorable unicorn helm for cats and small dogs… i may have acquired and my cat may hate me. but it was totally worth the look of defeat on his face.

Pics or it didn’t happen!

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i posted them on the discord but i will post in a new thread here when i get home

Well I have a few weeks yet before mid-Oct so I’ll just take a look and see. Problem I might experience is her freaking out if I put something on her. I will be meeting up with her foster from the rescue group this Sat so I shall inquire and see if they noticed anything.

I am hesitant to do anything really radical until she absolutely trusts me. That would defeat our efforts if she gets spooked because of something I did inadvertently and I certainly don’t want to do that. I’ll keep you all posted tho since so many of you are showing interest in my efforts with her.

I don’t do FB or any of those social media things…I just don’t trust them. But I don’t mind sharing here on the OTG forums.

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