OTG Member Average Age Game

For chits n grins, what do you believe the average age is for OTG members? Winner is awarded, eh… 1,000 points.

ADMINS: Don’t let the cat out of the bag, just yet and you are Officially excluded from entering, per this thread’s EULA. :slight_smile: Feel free to chime in, ramble, etc though no giving the answer or until we reach at least 10 responses.
If we go stagnant for say, 5 days from the last post - EULA permits you to give your metric based response. You do know, right?


My guess? 36.

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/5 char

What a fun idea!

Unfortunately, we don’t ask for date of birth, or even year of birth…we just require 25+. So we’ll never know the answer.

Also, I think 43.

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Nice going…it will be interesting since we have so many in the upper reaches these days. Trustee at 91, several in their 70s, not to mention the 60s and 50s. I can’t even venture a guess. But this is a fun event!!!

I thought somewhere we had to enter a DOB… Maybe it was Discord? Not that it was a notarized declaration though… Something with the year born? Admins have access to Discord OTG data by chance? It would be an interesting tidbit.

Well, snap! I’m turning 50 next year. To say I’m 49 seems like a cliffhanger to fifty…

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I’ll go with 42 for no good reason.


ACK! You stole my answer, and the reason for my answer by 12 minutes lol!

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45 is my guess

I’m going to guess 60 . Seems young to me. :wink:

I will go with 47

Do you really think we can get the answer lol?
My guess 63

I would guess around 60.

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Hmmm, I know I was looking for a more mature group back when I was early 30’s, so I’m going to say 46.

I thought it was around the early 50’s? say 52 for a specific number.

I’ve been 21 for the last ten years :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok Methuselah :joy: :rofl:

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I’ll go low with 44

47 in health and 17 in spirit.

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Love this idea. Hmmmm… 53 is my guess. :grin:

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Y’all realize we don’t actually have this information, right?

That’s ok, though, I have a theory:

With enough responses, we can crowd-source the average age and get pretty dang close. So keep responding!