[Open] Embers Adrift Weekly Static Group, Fridays 8 pm - 11 am EST


Wondering if there is enough interest to get a weekly or bi-weekly game session going for up to 6 players? I’m thinking about a 4 hour session. I’m on US East Coast time but retired so can play anytime, except Wednesday evenings. I have DnD those evenings.

Thought I’d give this a shot before looking outside guild.


-One non-OTG member

I’d be interested, if we can make it work from a scheduling standpoint. I’m in MST (Denver) and a working stiff with children, so my time is more limited. Typically play in the evenings 8p-12a MST (10p-2a EST).

Also, FYI they decided to launch on the day I leave for a week-long vacation, so I’ll miss the first week post-launch.

Maybe if I decide to take the plunge, I am MST, and as it happens I am off the week of luanch for a whole nother reason. I work as well my play time is around the same time as meeks during the work week, except for Fri as that just depends on the wife.

But I still trying to decide if I want to go down this road. I am kind of liking just being able to jump into a game right now, mostly cycle or Age of Empires. Also might try out Dual U.

I bought in for the first month, and without something else compelling (Ashes of Creation) will likely be around for a while. I have no real time limitations. I retired early to have more time to game. If I had only retired rich as well, but that’s another story. I am on PST time, and can join most any time slot for a static. We should also maybe consider our crafting selections between ourselves so that we can cover the bases at least. I plan to again have 3 characters, one for each archetype, DT for the Defender, DJ for my Striker, and DR for the support char (atm Db in beta). If i get my name selections. I think I have planned so that I cover all but the leather and metal armor craft skills.

Oh ya, and what guild are we joining? Or does it matter with guild being just a chat channel? (no bank, house, etc)

Im down. Been doing the weekly tests the last few years.

I will change the first post as new information is gained. So far only 1 time slot has been proposed. I changed the title to reflect it. Any day of the week suggestions? 10 pm is after my Monday DnD game so that opens Monday as possible for me. My Wednesday DnD game goes later, so no Wednesday. Thurkan is a maybe with Friday being a maybe.

So I’ll throw out Thursday as a suggestion just to start the conversation. Alternate suggestion?

Just to confirm. It looks like Denver isn’t one of the few exceptions to daylight savings time. So the time slot you proposed is MDT (at the time of this posting) and won’t change when the rest of us also switch back to standard time.

hahaha I’m in bed by 9. But have fun!

Right… Denver currently observes daylight savings time so we will be turning back clocks in a month or so. Although, there is talk of that ending next year. Unconfirmed at this point.

Well you can post a preferred day and/or time that works for you. Some here, or lurking, might align better with your preferred time. :smiley:

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If Thursdays are going to be our game day, then the 20th of October would be our start. What if we plan on starting a character at level 3. That should allow everyone to get their Ranger belt while leveling from 1-3. Then pick up the Mapping quest, The missing apprentice, The weapons cache, and The ancient bear quests. Then we can start working on smuggler camps to get map and cache updates. Always open to alternate suggestions. If someone isn’t able to get to level 3, the backup plan is to hunt 2 up chev’s near the ranger camp for some level ups.

Depending on party make up, I’m considering a defender. But I plan to make one of each type for my 3 character slots, so flexible.

With the crafting change, players can now cover all skills, either fortunately or unfortunately depending on your outlook. I plan to have one character who will have all 3 gathering skills. That probably won’t be my static group toon, so I can gather during down time. For static group, I think provisioner would be of most immediate use. I could use that on my static unless someone else wants it.

I will be playing this on the 15th, so I’ll be down for some grouping.

Had our first session with Dj and myself. Made it to level 5 and got all the outside quest updates. Time for CV or ancient bear and some more levels. Since Dj was a defender, I changed over to my supporter, Jenklep.

I just got back in town and saw that this game is out. If I’m correct, it’s a subscription-based game. How do you guys feel about it? I know it’s old-school, and the old-school game I loved was Dark Age of Camelot. But DAoC had the RvRvR that made it fantastic. Does EA have anything like that?

Does OTG have a presence in EA that seems like will stay?

@MercyKilled I am loving the Old School vibe, and having a blast. I needed this type of game as I am over the cookie cutter crap with cash shops and pay to win BS. As for the games you mentioned there is no PVP, it’s still a bit rough and needs some polishing, but I don’t see me leaving this game anytime soon, unless Pantheon happen to come out this year or even next for that matter. As for OTG we don’t have a guild, but a bunch of us are playing from what i can see. A few of us join Fires of Heaven, as they are an old EQ guild. but the community as a whole is very helpful and nice, seems like a bunch of old school people playing no toxic kiddies running around, since this game doesnt hold your hand or give you the instant gratification they want and need :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed the start time to something that works better for @djoneser an I. We have reached level 7 by battling the ancient bear that ran off the rangers and found some artifacts belonging to a missing apprentice.

Not sure about the times yet, but is there a server you all play on? Or, is starting just catch as catch can? Or, only one server so far.
Am just about to start and having some OT’s around is at least always good for moral.

Only one server. No official OTG guild. If you use discord, there is a channel with discussion on a couple of guilds that OTG members have gotten into. Djoneser and myself have been grouping up on a regular basis during the subject time slot. (Although, I had to cancel this past Thursday). For group content, we advertise, in game, for extra members. So far getting a group together hasn’t been a problem.