[Open] Embers Adrift Weekly Static Group, Fridays 8 pm - 11 am EST

The server population has certainly dropped now that the subscription is in effect. Yet there still seems to be a fairly strong playerbase and opportunities to group. I’m level 23 now and have moved into Redshore which seems to be slightly ahead of the curve. Most folks appear to be in Meadowlands at this point. For exp I mostly find myself doing the wolf/spider cave in Meadowlands and the Dryfoot Stronghold. The beach on the south end of Redshore is a great spot too. I’ve been working on a zone map and updated it to reflect the recent changes to Aquifer.

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Nice zone map. Thanks for sharing. @djoneser and I have just reached level 11/12 as of this evening. It was my first time through the Northreach spider cave / CV2. I’ve only been through CV1 and 2 or what you label as Discrete Dungeon. How are the ones labeled Continuous different?

A discrete dungeon is its own zone… you “zone into” it. A continuous dungeon is one that exists within one of the overland zones… there is no zone line. It’s a distinct area of a zone that is in essence a dungeon. So, for example, when you’re doing the “exile camp” in Northreach, you’re still technically in the Northreach zone. The best example of this so far is the wolf/spider cave in Meadowlands which you can begin to experience at around level 18. It has numerous named mobs and chests which can offer some great gear.

@Meeks Nice map but you forgot all the Ember Vein dungeons.

Didn’t forget, just unsure how best to represent them on a zone connection map because things will quickly become cluttered if the long-term plan is for all overland zones to have them. For now, I may do something like this.


Day and time change to accommodate a third interested adventurer. Current group level is 12-13. However, there will be at least one (or more) sessions to get new drifter some experience.