One of my favorite science fiction stories

I am a big fan of Dune. I read the books and saw the first two versions of the story in film, which differed from one another, but still I was intrigued. However, this new one coming out has me really excited to see it. The glimpses I’ve seen in the trailer brought the book I read to life.

I do not know how many folks in OTG are big science fiction fans, but my list includes Dune, The Foundation and many, many others too numerous to list here. But the recent trailer for Dune is definitely exciting. It intrigues…

There are also several write ups and one interview available online. But still, this trailer definitely intrigues.


Love science fiction!
I have never read the books but enjoyed the live action adaptations.
Have not heard of this most recent adaptation, I have heard it’s apple tv?

I don’t know if its apple tv or not, but I am looking forward to the movie.

Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho.
Dave Bautista as The Beast, Rabban(Maybe?)

New Stylistic interpretations.

How much do I pay and when/where do I pay it.
I have the 1984 Directors Cut Edition.
I’ve had 3 copies of both Dune and Children of Dune from the SciFi TV Miniseries, looking to get me another. I keep sharing them and not getting them returned.
I will own this one, also.

When will someone make God Emperor of Dune?

or a truer to book Starship Troopers? Perhaps a Number of the Beast? Stranger in a Strange Land? Moon is a Harsh Mistress? Cat who walks through Walls? Is it obvious I’m a Heinlein Fan?

Oh man, yes please to all of those by Heinlein. Never cared for the Dune books, but loved the long version of the movie.

Only thing I’m sad about in this movie is that there is no Fayd (Not that he had a huge part in the older movie, but Sting made it seem BIG), from what I could find, if this does well he will be in a future movie. Maybe it will be Paul and Rabban fighting at the end.

Also, the worms look perfect.

First movie I’ve been looking forward to in a long time.

It looks awesome! It’s coming out on 12/18/2020 and the casting is a bit mind blowing. Not surprised that Legendary Films is involved (10,000 BC; 300; and our very own Warcraft movie). Can’t wait.

yes…and Stellan Skarsgård, as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, is in the movie…awesome cameo in the trailer. And, he really is scary in that role.


wow great trailer, i loved the Dune series and this movie will be fully enjoyed.

Read Dune (and the rest of the series)… it’s not on my read again list, but the movie looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see it…

I am also a Heinlein fan. Have you read the “new” Number of the Beast, “Pursuit of the Pankera”? Totally different 2nd half. I like this one better, but it doesn’t segue into the universe of Lazarus Long as well, so I think that’s why he didn’t publish it originally. This version would make a better movie, I think.

I was shocked when I watched the Starship Troopers movie… and so so disappointed.

Yea…I’m with you there. However, I understand a movie about The Foundation is a TV series now and I found a video posted recently that looks interesting. I remember reading the full series of books on this and love Heinlein anything, but my all time fav of his is The Foundation series. Although I really do like just about everything he wrote.

You can see the video here.


ps - Foundation is Isaac Asimov. Heinlein’s series is called Future History. :grinning:

My favorite Isaac Asimov stories are about Daneel Olivaw and Elijah Bailey.

aha…thanks, I for some reason always get those two mixed up. Either way, both authors are wonderful story tellers.

Love Dune (the book). I was floored by the trailer. Oscar Isaac is an amazing actor, and I am very glad they got him to play Leto Atreides. He’ll slay in that role.

I think they did an awesome job of capturing the scale of the sandworm. I have a decent imagination, and the trailer shows one even bigger than what I was visualizing in my head.

I’ll be at the IMAX opening night for this.

Looking forward to Dune and after watching the Foundation trailer I’m now nervous.

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Me too.

What makes you nervous?

In my case, I’ve read the series numerous times and that trailer just felt ‘off’ or was showing scenes from a different milieu. Of course it’s all subjective and everyone probably has a different vision than the director’s. I’m hoping it turns out great and they can probably just substitute Coruscant for Trantor (:P) . The guy they have for Hari could be good, I like him in other things. Maybe this is just a case of hoping for the best and expecting the worst. There really wasn’t enough there to get a handle on things if you don’t know the story and tbh I’m not sure I had a handle on it anyway if they’re keeping to it. I guess I should be happy they haven’t discovered Jack Vance.

I also have read the series, but every time I read any part of them, I came away with a different perspective than my initial one. So I think people who have read the stories, those who have seen previous productions and many who have done both, will see something else when this movie is released. I don’t think that will be a bad thing.

Its inevitable for viewpoints to change from one telling to the next. That is how the human brain works. Something new, or something we missed the first time around, catches our attention and triggers a change in viewpoint. I fully expect my initial viewpoint of the books I read so many years ago, to be different this time, just as it was different each time I saw the other productions. But I am excited to see the movie when it is released.

I think as long as the essence of the story is there, and the performances are stellar, I shall be satisfied with the new telling.

That is some thoughtful thinking. One reason I re-watch and re-read so much is exactly that: you miss things you didn’t notice earlier or there have been changes in yourself that forces you to view things differently…I always hope for self-improvement rather than finding I’m slipping back into the shallow waters.
After thinking about this a little more, I figured I might go dig out my old copies and give them the once over after I’m through with We Are Legion (We are Bob) and the other books in the series. It’s surprisingly entertaining.
Anyway, thanks for your input. It got me thinking and when your brain exhibits retrograde motion, that’s probably a good thing.

Note: I couldn’t find 'em! I had the three books I picked up way back in the 60’s or early 70’s and another volume that had all three in one (the SF bookclub! heh). Hmm…

Don’t feel too badly. I know I can’t find my copies…I’ve given away so many of my books to kids over the years that I’m positive I gave my collection away as well. They might be online for download…which would be better for me since I have a reader that allows me to enlarge the screen text to see better. The text in so many books these days is still small and difficult to read without a magnifying glass.