One of my favorite science fiction stories

Dune pushed back to October 2021.

Grand epics from the grandmasters! A perfect thread on OTG forums. I’m always cautious and skeptic when movie/tv serial adaptations from such prestigious sources. I loved the 80’s Dune and both sci-fi minis. Obviously they both had their poetic give and take. I am slowly intrigued by this new movie, visuals are amazing, actor choices are growing on me, wondering how much of the story we will actually get in one movie and how successful it will be to warrant further productions. My main concern from visual adaptations these days is how much ‘modern social agenda’ will be added and awkwardly crammed down our throats rather than just trying to tell a good story.

I remember reading the first couple Dune books as a young adult and the rest of the stories I glanced over and never had time to read them all, but still fascinated by them. The Dune and Foundation series were really my first introductions to grand epic science fiction and it is hard for me to think of anything else that caught my attention the way they did.

I saw that Foundation trailer. I think they picked a good actor for Hari Seldon. But I am extremely skeptic of an adaptation to series even if they have more ‘room’ to work with. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but I will walk into to it with very low expectations.

And just the other day I heard somebody say “2020 can’t get much worse”. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I think it will, especially around election day and after.

Just finished rereading the Foundation series. It had been a long time since I visited the Mule and the rest of the gang but I was shocked about the actual storytelling. There is so much talking! Usually between a couple of people, sometimes a group and it goes on and on and the bulk any action takes place offstage and we get to hear about it later as people are back to talking again. If they translate that into a show, how interesting is that going to be? I think the main premise of the story is remarkable…especially for the time when it was written and there are a ton of cigar smokers everywhere! It had memorable characters and they were good at talking and figuring out how to trick the opposition but the answer was usually more talking. You may have noticed this bothered me a little. Knowing the requirements for producing a show that will attract and keep viewers I’m pretty sure they will add some of the off-stage events into the mix so we have something to see other than people conversing, scheming, worrying in modernistic furnished rooms. I hope so anyway. I kept thinking of Tarantino…he loves getting people together for a lot of dialogue but then there is usually a bunch of blood amid the action before there is more talking. Well, those are my thoughts on the matter and are they relevant to anything important? Probably not but nevertheless, we can talk about it.

Read the books when I was a teen. I’ve seen the 1984 Dune movie and the 2000 Frank Herbert’s Dune for tv. Valiant endeavors, flawed but still enjoyable.

I was interested on hearing about another attempt to depict the world and characters of Dune but after reading some articles on this movie, I’m not exactly thrilled. Not impressed with the trailers either. I’m on a wait-and-see mode.

whoa!! … I love the original Dune… but this… ohh my LANDS!! this is a must see… thanks for sharing :smiley:

I grew up on all those Heinlein books. I recently bought Pursuit of the Pankera. They had his old alternate stories for Number of the Beast so the first part of the book is the same but instead of arriving at Mars with British and Russian forces it was really Barsoom. The original had a very brief encounter with the Lensman but in Pursuit they spend the majority of the book there. Worth a read for any diehard Heinlein fans. I had never read the Lensman series but after meeting those characters in Pursuit I downloaded them all to my kindle and plowed through them. They are in the public domain now. 1940 and 50’s sci-fi, spaceships that can travel to other galaxies but still use film cameras and everyone smokes in the far off future.

Oh my, just like Buck Rogers’ ships. :joy:

Here you go lot of that in these old books. :flying_saucer:

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