No news on Ashes timeline

Wish the Ashes dev team would give us a timeline. I’m hanging out in Elder Scrolls Online until Ashes’ testing phase gets more consistent. Going to be great!! :slight_smile:

Not much is being said by AoC at the moment. We do post the weekly updates which is mainly packs, pre-buys and snippits about what is intended in Discord as it appears. But as of yet, AoC has not posted a timeline for when testing on the MMO-side will start. As it becomes available, we’ll post it here and in Discord.

All you young whipper snappers need a new acronym…you see AoC has already been used for Age of Conan…and even further back AC was used for Asheron’s Call so don’t be trying to pull that one off either, hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like Ashes testing is starting up in late August, hoot!

True, but testing is still just Apocalypse :frowning: