New Server open for business

Good Day folks,

Just opened a new server here on Conan Exiles for us adults to play. I have 10 slots currently and if it gets busy I will up the number. I would like to have friendly folk playing and willing to help us newbies with advise and stuff. Maybe get a clan or whatever they call it together and make a nice size town/community center with the necessary crafting benches and stuff around town for everyone to help fill with resources and be able to use to create items for adventuring. Exiled Lands

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I have about 700 hours in game and been looking for a new server home and people to play with. Two quick questions:

  1. Which map are you running? Exlied Lands, Siptah or Savage Wilds
  2. Are you running mods and if so, have a mod list on steam? (Just say your answer in another thread regarding mods. :slight_smile: )


Hey there, @Azlar ! You should consider joining the OTG community. While not required, it would allow you to join any official OTG game chapters, and open up more access here and on Discord to the members-only areas.

Here’s the place to start: Before You Apply… Things to Know
Submit an application here: OTG Application

I have Exlied lands currently on the server

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Got so fed up building things on heavily modded servers and seeing them fall apart after updates but I was curious about the sorcery update and decided to give it another go. I’ve been playing single player for a while after 1500 hours online.

You haven’t told us much about your server though, you said it has no mods but what parameters are you using? Is everything vanilla (i.e. normal slow grind, hardly anything gathered with each hit, mobs that hit like trucks while we hit like a soggy lettuce)?

And what hours do people play on your server?

And how would we connect to it if we wanted to join?

Thanks :crossed_swords:

Everything is Vanilla, all the paramaters have not been touched except for the day/night cycle as I do not like it being so dark for so long. All other settings are default. My Server is a US server.
I play usually early to late evenings and some weekends. I do not anyone else on my server playing at the current time. I would not know what to even change in the settings to optimize it.
Server name is Zipman Gaming or
password is: DragoTheGreat

let me know when you wanna log in and I can meet you. I have a starter base near the sentenils and I am using exiled lands.
Anything else you want to know?

Thanks. I’m in the UK so we probably won’t be online together too often. What part of the US are you in? You have more than one time zone over there :exploding_head: Just wondering what sort of time I’d have to log in to meet you for a clan invite. I’m normally on and off all day till around 11pm (GMT) but I could stick around a bit later. I’ll probably be afk quite often because I have some demanding carers tasks to deal with at random times :neutral_face:

You could look at the server settings for progression and see if you want to increase drop rates, exp earned, damage taken and given to npc’s, etc. Up to you though - just makes things easier on servers where building is more seen as more important. Don’t go overboard though, you can trivialise the game easily… I can live with it either way. Please consider turning the abandonment decay off though, it’s annoying building a little outpost in a far away location then coming back and finding it in ruins…

Interesting location for a base - you’re within a stone’s throw of a world boss… Tread lightly :grin:

I am in Eastern US.
Thanks for the tidbits of info

Ok, been on a while. No need to touch the progression settings to be honest, it’s quick enough as it is :wink:

i changed those almost soon as I got it up and running.
let me know when you wanna meet up and I will pop on

A funny thing happened today, funny as in a bit annoying rather than hilarious…

I had just left Xel-Ha (that’s right over on the east edge of the map) to get some black lotus flowers when I was disconnected. I immediately reconnected and the game decided to put me inside The Dregs - that’s a dungeon right over on the west side of the map.

Wasn’t a disaster - I managed to collect a lot of glowing goop before I had to leave the dungeon. I couldn’t run it, unfortunately, because I didn’t have a bow or any arrows or any means of making them.

So now we have lots of black lotus flowers and plenty of glowing goop. We really should run The Dregs though, it’s a low level starter dungeon and we should have done it long before we maxed out our levels…

Funny story. I have not yet maxxed out my character yet.Sorry I have not been on in a couple of days but you know life happens. I will catch up to you soon bud

No rush. Real life comes first. You didn’t say if you were going to enable the purge at any date so I made a start at putting a perimeter wall around the base just in case - don’t be too surprised when you see it… Nowhere near finished yet and it’s all in sandstone at this stage so it’s easy to change or just get rid of if you don’t want it.

We’ll have to go to The Dregs some time soon anyway, we need a LOT of glowing goop, I’ve just used almost all of what I collected.

Anyway, see you online soon :wink:

It’s unplayable at the moment, rubberbanding all over the place. The server probably needs a restart. Might be a good idea to look into having daily restarts automated somehow.

just did a restart and scheduled a daily for 1am eastern US time

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Man you made it Huge. Did you see we have a neighbor up on the ridge above the Big Rhino. Do we need to move some supplies from the first base up to the Main base?

Yeah, been chatting to them but you weren’t on at the same time so you might have missed that. Didn’t know they were that close though, thought their build was going to be elsewhere - least that’s the impression I got.

The build is getting a bit large, I was going to raise the satellite towers another couple of levels then cap them with a sloping roof of some kind then raise the centre tower as far as you want, or till the server says it’s had enough. Up to you. Have you decided what material you want the towers and walls in or are you leaving that up to me? :wink: I built the north gate entirely from Stormglass, I like that dark look but it might be a bit out of place in the desert - up to you to tell me lol

I’ve already moved a lot of stuff up form the first base, as well as building I’ve been running around collecting thralls and other materials.

Oh, since I built it, I claimed one of the satellite towers as my home, you can recognise it, it’s lit with weird purplish lights. Hope that’s ok.

I saw the thrall wheel out in the desert
btw, I jumped in last night and my pet was no where to be seen. it sucks cause he was about to get to lvl 15. I know slow leveling. I saw your name on a door. I just got to figure out where I wanna live and build up my apartment furniture

Your pet is back at the desert base. When you log out they don’t stay where you were, they switch to ‘scouting’ mode for a while then they get bored and return to wherever you last put them on guard. They can be attacked while they’re roaming around without you so it’s always safest to make your way back to a base or an outpost and put them on guard there before you log out. You can find them by clicking on the little eye next to their name on the followers tab - that puts a marker on the map at their location.

There are currently two wheels out in the desert, I dedicated the lower floor of one of the satellite towers to thrall related stuff and put the locations (grid refs) on signs on the wall in that tower. There’s one close to the summoning place and another by the black galleon.

Might be worthwhile increasing the pet & thrall limit for each player, you have it set to 5. When you make another past that limit one of your current pets/thralls is automatically deleted without warning. Bit annoying if it’s the one you’ve been levelling up for the past fortnight…