New OTG Company

Considering creating a new company for OTG for all very active NW users. Not wanting to step on any toes, but we’d like to consolidate so that should we at some point try to get a territory back, we’ll have the numbers needed to do so and to manage it.

We believe that ‘OTG’ is available, and if so we’d use that name. If not, maybe something like ‘OTG Actual’, ‘OTG One’. Suggestions are welcome.

If you would like to join the new company please post here. Also, if you have a feeling on who you think would make a good Governor/Consul/Officer or are willing to do be one, please make your opinion know. Keep in mind that these rankings are purely for the company and will not have any extra Old Timers Guild rankings.

That being said, I’d be willing to assist in whatever role.

-Castiel Seraph / CarolinaEd

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I would check with the Admins before using OTG.

It’s already been talked about with them when we spoke about consolidating the existing companies. Creating a new one was their suggestion.


So they talked to you and said to make a new guild rather than putting people who play the game in the leadership spots? This is how chapters die but im guessing they already know this.

Go for it…I like the idea.

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All the Guild Leaders in New World just quit and didn’t pass companies to actual players they just ran off without saying anything not even to Big OTG, idk about what you said because Tolbin runs all the Darkfall Clans of OTG and he always is active. I was a General and am a General every time I have joined him but I have no titles with Big OTG .
The most active player that runs things even though he isn’t a titled OTG Leader is Sonickat.

First off, before I get into my own opinion or any feedback I have I want to remind our folks that OTG is built on the principle of Fun not Drama.

Having researched and read hundreds of old OTG posts on this topic from other chapters over the past few weeks to try to get a better understanding of how best to tackle our current situation. My goal was to understand how to work within the system rather than try to circumvent it. The greatest take away I came away with was that keeping things constructive and civil, presenting actionable suggestions appears to lead to the best results. However, when things become uncivil or people start to argue or make personal attacks on one another the admins come in and shut the discussion down.

I think we need this discussion. I think its valid and reasonable to have but, let’s be sure we keep it civil and respectful so that we can continue the discussion and not get ourselves shut down.

I’m interested in positive and constructive change, I know you all are too, and I think together we can promote the changes that the broader active members seek if we do this right.

I say all this as a word of warning early before this very hot and likely passionate topic gets rolling down a specific path.

steps down from soap box

@carolinaed which officer or admin did you talk to about this? It is my understanding this sort of thing specifically is frowned upon. I highlighted the relevant portion for emphasis in the quote below.

I floated the idea of a new company that members could opt-into but only as a means to get around having more than 100 active 20 day members. I haven’t been part of any discussions centered on the desire of a broader interest of members in pursuing territorial ownership again. I’m curious who among our active members is actually interested in that level of PVP commitment. It would be nice to know.

Regarding the company creation I think doing this would require permission from current officers and our admin liaison which I think is Cefwyn.

I am very interested to know if we’ve actually been given the green light on that or not.

I think we have a number of individuals who would make great leaders but, I think it should be up to them to volunteer themselves. The best officers in guilds are those who want to do it, not those who are coaxed into it because no one else wants to do it. Sadly, a lot of times most officers come from that latter pool of players.

That said, I will publicly make known that I have already communicated to the current leadership an offer to take on any role that allows me to be a steward and help facilitate the needs and desires of the current active members. I had previously offered this back before we were merged twice now, but at the time we had quite a few still active officers. I’ve offered again because right now we simply don’t.

That said I do live on the west coast, I do still work, and I have a 5 year old and that all to varying degrees affects the time of day when I can be on and available in any capacity. I will always try to contribute to the chapter I am involved with regardless of a title, that’s just who I am.

I respect that you feel that our chapter leadership has acted in this way and can empathize with how that can make one feel as an active member. There are a few of us trying to work within the confines of the established SOP for OTG. I think we all have the same goal to see OTG as a guild be successful in any chapter and it just takes time for some changes to come to fruition. I know for those of us who play copious amounts of hours each day that it can seem like forever but I have faith that we’ll eventually get there.

I do personally appreciate the time, effort, and energy each and every member of OTG’s leadership has invested in not only our chapter in the past but in OTG as a community.

I also greatly appreciate all the stuff our active members do for one another to make OTG such a phenomenal guild to be a part of.

Why exactly is there a need for a new guild I haven’t heard a good explanation for this yet. We have active guilds already holding a good bit of gold, is the leadership just choosing to let them go dormant?

I believe that leadership is not as active as those actively playing the game would like. (edit: meant to reply directly to Molearean)

Why can’t we just have new officers promoted and continue the guilds we have?

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Super casual here but appreciate the active players OTG provides to play with. The organized runs are phenomenal (when I can be bothered to join :)). All that being said, I’m much more loyal to the active players in game than any sort of branding. In fact, at the moment, it feels “Big OTG” is a bit of a hindrance to in-game play than a benefit.

And I get it, I’m a grown-up too and life is busy. I as well do not consider the game anywhere near the top of my priorities. Basically, no venom intended here, just is what it is.

Anyways, tl:dr; I’ll follow wherever the active players go regardless where the brand is and wouldn’t be against dropping it altogether if that just makes the in-game better/easier.

@Molarean We had a few different discussions over the course of the last few weeks in discord at first and now on the forums. It’s evolved overtime. Originally there was a push to consolidate down to just active members, then we talked about converting one company to have activity requirements that players could opt into, now that’s spawned this conversation of creating a new company with a similar purpose.

The underlying purpose, which I think is what your asking about has to do with being able to use company chat and the company roster to find the other active members since not everyone uses discord or wants to be in voice chat.

@Sonickat It was mentioned in Discord this morning, and I can’t remember who, said they had spoken with one of the officers. It was also said that they didn’t want to move/consolidate the existing companies in the even that they didn’t want someone coming back after a few weeks off and potentially find themselves in a dormant company. Perhaps not having had the conversation directly, it should have been posted by someone else. I just offered to start the topic on the boards and no one objected. Didn’t realize it was such a volatile subject.

I do my best to get along with everyone and I have no ill feelings towards any of the existing leadership, so I hope that no one is reading that into this. Just looking for ways for everyone to make the most out of their gaming time online and have a good time. I would hope that this would be the place to have this discussion so that those in charge of OTG would also provide their input.

As far as the purpose of doing so, already mentioned the idea of possibly wanting to take a territory some day (it’s nice seeing the OTG represented on the map). Easier for communication (messages of the day, company chat, looking for OTG members to run expeditions, etc.). It’s just nice hitting G while in-game and seeing more than 5-10 people in your company online.

That’s all I have :slight_smile:

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I’m a fan of consolidating active players but for PVE purposes. Not all that interested in PVP. Big thing for me would be being able to come online and type in “/company” to see if folks are interested in doing something and get a wide audience. Right now, as part of Gamma, there’s typically 10 or fewer folks on line. In game, the only way to see folks in other companies is if I’ve specifically added them as friends.

Jumping into lobby on Discord is an ok substitute but has its own shortcomings. Just seems that consolidating into fewer but more active companies would help.

As far as making others feel abandoned, the blunt side of me wants to point out that if they’ve been going 3 weeks or more, they’ve lost interest or been hit by life and kind of self-selected out. Put posts in Discord and the forums about who to contact if a status changes and you’re all set. The big problem with that right now is there are very few people that can be contacted for company joining and almost all of those are completely inactive.


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My suggestion is make a new guild. Name it something not to do with OTG and get the active players in it. It really doesnt change anything on the guild end of things but keeps the active players together. If things change later, deal with it then. You dont need permission to do this.

I’m supportive of making a new OTG-titled guild if that means we can sidestep the concern about kicking OTG members from a named guild, and restore a responsive leadership core. I don’t have huge aspirations for territory control, but it definitely will make the company aspect of the game more meaningful than we’ve been using it so far.


I think we have to be realistic about how many people will return to New World. I’ve played multiple MMORPGs over the years and the returned is a very small part of the population. I like the idea of consolidating down to two companies (PvP and PvE) and leaving some room for people to return. I also think our AWOL Leadership needs to return and hand over the keys to the companies. I understand leaving for a couple of days. Leaving for a couple of months leaves everyone else hanging.

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Seems like OTG bailed on the members.

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Great idea

I would like to see the guild consolidated. I see advantages to both ways. I will support whichever option gets us there. I think the concern about what happens to the guild gold is a good one, we have people running events who could uses these resources as prizes :slight_smile:

it would be awesome to be able to include the people who are not in discord in the events, and having one company to message would be great. When we did the math of all the active players, there were over 100, so I am not sure one guild would be enough.

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