New gaming monitor

Just reserved this monitor:

Micro Center had the best price around so I put it on reserve. Pretty happy with this option.

ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ 31.5" WQHD 144Hz HDMI DP FreeSync Curved Gaming LED Monitor

I’d be happy with that too. Heh. When does it arrive? You mentioned “reserve” is it a new model not yet out? Either way grats!

Just got back from picking it up. Usually with Micro Center, its suggested to reserve the item you want to purchase, online ahead of time. That way when you get there to pick it up its got your name on it and did not get sold out. Today there were only 4 listed being in store and available.

The place is only 1/2 hour away so its cheaper for me to drive and pick up things instead of having them shipped which may cost more than my time and gas money for the trip. …and I don’t have to wait several days for delivery.

Will unbox later when I get the casters for my table legs (coming in mail on the 3rd). The tech who assembled my desk said he would be happy to attach the monitor for me to the vesa monitor arm he installed on my desk for me for free when he came back to do the casters. So it will be a few days before everything is setup and ready.

Should be ready for next Friday’s raid with Prissy. :smiley: