My new gaming desk

Finally am able to obtain a new adjustable (automated) gaming desk for myself. I’ve been searching for over a year and looking at various stand-up/sit-down desks with automated controls to move the top up and down based on standing or sitting.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to find so many just don’t offer what I really wanted. Many companies offered the amenities but not a desk sized smaller than 60" long and wider than 23" so I really was surprised when up popped an article under gaming desks that pointed me to MojoDesks.

Here is an image of what I ordered. Granted it was about $100 more than I was willing to spend, but its certainly going to be worth it. I also found a video that gave me a preview before I even looked at the company’s website.

Here is a review link: MojoDesk


Congrats! I got myself a Jarvis sit/stand desk a few months ago. It’s so nice to have options other than sitting or kneeling. :smiley:

I’m sure your body is going to thank you for it. Enjoy your new desk when it arrives!

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Thanks Ribbit, I am looking forward to this change. Especially since I recently was diagnosed with a possible rotator cuff issue in my left shoulder. Which I am convince is due to the slightly different angle of my current stand desk which I cannot adjust downward. Not only that, but I can’t get my hydraulic bar stool to stay at the level I need…it keeps slipping down a bit from where I set it so its been a bit of a problem.

Also picked up a great workpro chair made of black mesh which has multifunction mid-back support. Regular gaming chairs are way too large for my smaller frame so I searched for a really good ergonomic work chair similar to one my boss used when I was working.

What she had was a bit more elaborate than this but I did not need all those bells and whistles as long as the mesh composition was sturdy and allowed air flow and I could adjust the height so my feet can be flat on the floor without the need for a foot rest. I had to use a foot rest with the work chair they provided because of the difficulty of getting the chair to adjust to my desk height which they would not change for me even when I asked.

But the chair I picked up is obviously better, even better than what she had because its been about 7 yrs since I retired so these have evolved considerably. I can adjust the forward movement of the seat and the back to fit my needs. Both armrests are adjustable sideways as well as up/down, plus the armrests are very firm but cushy for my elbows.

Sorta wish I could have fit into a chair similar to the one I purchased for my son. I got him a MainGear GT which he instantly fell in love with. Too large for me and they did not have anything smaller that I could use. So this Workpro fits the bill.

Sweet looking desk Lyn!!! Congratz

Thanks, I am really looking forward to receiving it. Should arrive early next week sometime based upon the info I got from their customer service rep. They started making my desk today so it’ll ship day after tomorrow with a 3 business day delivery timeline.

The fact that the entire desk and accouterments are all made in the US, I am super pleased. Most every other desk I looked at was made in China even if it were assembled in the US. So am stoked I have a Made in the USA desk.

That looks great. I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

I even knew a co-worker who built their own based around their treadmill so they could walk and work!

Revman, take a look at their website. I was looking for something that would fit what I needed and not something I would have to adjust to. Most of these types of desks are usually 60"x23" which is way too long and definitely not wide enough rectangles that would work as a conference table. I only wanted a gaming table to use for my keyboard and mouse where I could actually sit comfortably and adjust the height if I wanted to stand up.

They are a Colorado based company who prides themselves on their quality and make their products here in the US. I have had my fill of imports from outside the country that are poorly made of sub-standard quality that I decided to see what was actually made with quality craftsmanship and materials.

Wow, you weren’t kidding! It’s awesome but I estimate my needs to be around $1700 from them. I mean, that really seems like a great deal when it comes down to it what it is, but wow. :smiley: Between that and a really good chair, our aging in this hobby is getting pricey.

Yea…I paid $1,064.99 (which includes taxes) after my discount of $50 for my desk, but I had planned to spend at least 1k anyway for one back last year when I first started looking. So I’m only over by about $65 overall. Sadly we all have to pay fed/state taxes but fortunately my discount wiped out the taxes so I was left with just a few bucks more than my original 1k desk goal in the end.

To have the quality craftsmanship in build/design along with ease of use, and peace of mind for getting help if I need it, just outweighs the price in my opinion. You can look all over and find cheaper setups, but really look at the quality of materials and such to see if they are worth it in the end. Too often you get a really good price, but the quality of the materials & build are sub-par. Then add to that the problem of getting customer support help if the materials come from China, or else where in the world.

I took all this into account when looking at what I wanted and was willing to pay for. I am fortunate that I recently received a little trust disbursement that more than covers this purchase (and my chair). I had already started to save for the desk and was only a few hundred dollars shy of my goal when all this came down last month. So I am splurging for my self, which also allows me to splurge on my son’s new MainGear GT chair.

I’m happy and this all comes out to Christmas in August anyway. :sunny:


Update: my desk arrived today and I have unboxed it but have not assembled it. Apparently the control box that is attached to the base got damaged in shipping because there were several small broken off pieces of a portion that usually holds screws to keep parts together, rattling around in the box the base was in.

I notified the company and was promptly told they would send me a replacement for the control box which was where those pieces came from. They agree it appears the damage happened in shipping and I do not have to send anything back to them since they can just replace the damaged item. So it will be a few days before I can assemble my new desk…but that is much better than trying to return a heavy base and wait for a complete unit to be shipped back.

These guys also included a detailed instruction video on how to adjust part of the base that I was having trouble fitting together. I was unaware there was a way to adjust the legs to make those parts fit together.

After unboxing I have to say the quality of the parts is exceptional. I am very pleased with my acquisition.

My desk is now assembled and up for use. I am so happy…so much more room and not wobbly.

Interesting side note: when I opened all the boxes I found extra parts I had no idea what to use them for. So after the technician finished assembling everything I actually wanted setup, I discovered an extra magnetic power strip, which could be attached magnetically to the frame under the desk and out of sight. I already had a small 3 plug, 2 usb port item attached to the top of my desk so did not need that power strip. But my son might be able to use it.

So I’ve kept everything left over in a box marked “just in case” I need. :smiley: Its always nice to find you have extra things come in a package that you expected less out of, that can be useful down the road. Now on to looking into a new monitor and perhaps a video card upgrade.

Am looking at the Asus ROG Strix XG32vq monitor, which is apparently on sale at Micro Center at the moment. After all, I have the monitor arm already installed on the desk waiting to be used and my computer tech already suggested this monitor since I was looking for something mountable to my desk. My Toshiba is not mountable but I can use it for movies without disturbing my pc gaming setup.


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