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I am at my wits end. I have Windows power toys and display fusion installed for my setup but am still having difficulties. I have a single large 49" 5120x1440 monitor as the primary and 3 small 10" monitors below it closer to me for various things. I have severe cervical stenosis so i cant mount things above my main monitor as its uncomfortable to look up a lot. And the 40" is so massivly wide that side monitors arent possible. Does anyone know of a software solution to make it so content i place on a specific monitor stays there even when i launch another program? Or is there a resource that will help me utilize what i have better? More details. The main monitor is 5120x1440, the 3 small monitors are 1024x600.

You should be able to change individual display settings in Advanced settings on Windows 10.
I stretch my displays across the monitors so they’re all one big display.

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That isnt going to work here. i will update the original post to show you why. There would be many issues with making one large monitor out of wildly different resolutions AND aspect ratio’s no? The main monitor is 32:9 and the smalls are traditional 16:9. Let me know if i am mistaken. I also use the 3 small monitors for voice chat, system monitoring and whats app chat for wife.

I have done the basics for sure. And Power toys within windows is the closest ive gotten so far. IF a window opens in the wrong window i can simply click an icon from power toys that is on every new window to get it to go to the next monitor in the chain.

I just switched from an nvidia gtx 1080 to a Radeon 6900xt…maybe the process is different?

Put the programs in your task bar, then show the task bar on all your monitors, then click on the program on the taskbar of the monitor you want to open it on. That works for most programs.

Shift-click if you want to open another instance of the same program.

Other than that, no. Windows is extremely bad with multiple monitor setups.

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Thank you. And thats how i started. But windows refuses to remember that lol. And some games (bethesda games lol) mess stuff up. A guildy pointed me to power toys so at least its manageable but not perfect. I guess i have as good as its going to get lol

If your monitors go into powersave mode, or are turned off, but your computer is still on (like if you leave it on when you sleep, like I have to), then you’re in for a whole other world of hurt. LOL

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Sadly i have NEVER had good luck with putting modern windows machines to sleep. So i tend to power them down completely each night. And your warning just now will not be ignored and will be put on the list of reasons NOT to use sleep lol

Oh. It’s not the machine going to sleep that’s the problem. It’s the monitors. The machine not going into sleep is the actual problem :smiley:

What Windows does if it ‘loses’ a monitor, is move all the applications open onto that one, sometimes, to a, mostly, random other monitor, or sometimes to the main monitor, depending on… I have absolutely no idea.

So when you wake up and wiggle your mouse to wake up your screens, everything is either: All over the place on all your monitors depending in which order and how fast they wake up, or all piled up on one monitor, also depending on how fast they wake up…

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Have you used power toys? its a microsoft windows accessory within windows that allows you to assign zones and then programs will automatically snap to the zone its set to. Bethesda games mess it up but even then power toys makes it easy to get them back to their windows without having to drag and resize.

Yeah. Hate it :stuck_out_tongue: I’m one of those disorganized people that never has things in the same place. So I end up moving things around anyway, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the thing :smiley:

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Lol understood, your an organized chaos kind of guy.

I think you want something like DisplayFusion. I have multiple monitors as well, and use DisplayFusion to save positions of the programs i care about, then i use a hotkey to move everything back to where the hell i want it if they go elsewhere.


I would agree, Display Fusion is really good.
Dual Monitor Tools is another that will give you a lot of different options to work with.


i have that but did not realize all it could do until i started looking into it because of your recommendations. Seems to be working great.

Another way of doing multiple monitors is get a video card that supports them. I have one that does three monitors and in windows 10 I have them set them 1, 2, and three. The primary one is in the middle and the second one to the left. The third is smaller and off the left. I use the third for twitch feeds mainly. Since I work with digital photography it is nice to use 2 side by side for workflow.

The positioning of the monitors like you have them may work. I can drag a program window from one screen to the next and the mouse moves across all the screens. Since I play DDO I have that in the main screen, a web browser in the left screen and will run a twitch feed in the right one.

Not sure if this helps but I hope so.

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Explain more about the gpu that supports multiple monitors. ALL modern video cards support multiple monitors so im not sure what you mean. Also most programs dont have a dedicated “fullscreen” mode, they have maximize and minimize because it is windowed fullscreen. Some games that have FULL screen mode automatically turn off the ability for the mouse to go elsewhere. Thats one of the differences between multiple work monitors and multiple gaming monitors. You might have DDO in a windowed full screen mode thus allowing that. Also what is the scaling ratio for all your monitors? im assuming they are ALL 16:9? that would be easier to manage but regardless of resolution windows doesnt like different scaling ratios without software inteference. It really depends on the game i only have a few games that give me issues. Sadly it is one of my mains that gives me the most issues. It is just annoying to have to rearrange the windows when i launch it in true full screen mode.

I have 3 monitor outputs on my graphics card. Have a different one on each output

Sorry did not address all issues. I have DDO in full screen mode. I’m using an MSI GeForce GT 710 gaming graphics card with 2 gigs of RAM. After I hooked up the three monitors I went into the Windows 10 display area and set up which was monitor 1, 2 and 3.
I also set up the system so the task bar across the bottom of the screen Windows 10 is displayed on all the monitors except for when I have DDO in full screen. After DDO boots up I can move the mouse out of that program on either one of the other screens.

I hope this makes sense. I have a hard time explaining IT stuff at times. Date for granted that people know things that I do but that’s mainly because I happen to have a degree in systems analysis.

Hope this explains things to your satisfaction. Good luck with getting everything resolved so that you can do what you need to do.