Multiple monitor software

The problem isn’t the GPU supporting multiple monitors (mine supports and uses 4), but Windows messing around with placement of programs, generally seemingly at random.

Yeah, every time one of my monitors goes into “power save” mode windows seems to think I threw it into my backyard never to be seen again, and crams everything onto one monitor. Minor annoyance to me, but I can see how it would be a huge hassle for some people. I think I read a reference to an upcoming Windows patch finally fixing that…but I couldn’t find it again. So maybe I dreamed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

With DisplayFusion, you can set hotkeys to ‘save’ all current window positions, then another hotkey to ‘restore’ them. These hotkeys are especially handy when if machine goes to sleep, or you unplug a monitor, and everything shifts to the other monitors. Simply hit the ‘restore’ hotkey and voila, all windows return to their exact position.

The only caviat is, if you reboot, you will have to open everything back up and place it where you want as needed, then hit your ‘save’ hotkey to remember the settings. It isn’t difficult and has been a lifesaver for me, especially using three monitors at home and six at work.

Hope this helps!

Yes it does actually. I will look into that. I am seeing that DF has a LOT of utility but its overwhelming.

I use DisplayFusion every day, and i have not issue after reboot like you describe. It always saves the windows I am using, and just hit the “restore” button after everything is done loading.

Really? That is good to know. That as not always the case (I have been using DF since practically since it first came out), so perhaps it was patched in during an update, which I missed.

Honestly, since I had previously experienced the saves not persisting through reboot I have never tried it again in recent times. I will give it a shot and see, Glad to hear that it does save now, and makes total sense it should!

Thanks again for the info!

Update. According to a LOT more research, seems windows dislikes 32:9 combined with other aspect ratios. That combined with several games fighting the niche aspect ratio and even when i do get it to work some games have the UI so far to the left and right that it is a pain. So I have replaced the 49" 32:9 monitor with a Gigabyte 43" 4k, 144 hz, HDR 1000 monitor with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Zero issues with anything. Granted I had to upgrade my gpu to drive the darn thing, but I was going to do that anyway.

Windows is terrible with multiple monitors with different resolutions/aspect ratios to begin with. Especially when something changes the resolution on your main monitor :stuck_out_tongue: