May PTR - Discussion and Player List

Full Patch Notes

If you choose to play on PTR please try to pick the same faction as everyone so we can group together for testing. We are Marauders this time around.

I’ve started working on a wiki to help people through who haven’t done ptr before. I’ll update it as I collect more information. This is my first PTR for New World.

When you create your character please post here in this thread and I will update this list of players:

Live User | PTR User
Sonickat | Sonickat PTR
Caetlyn (Lynatrix) | Trixalyn

** Updated my characters name on PTR since I deleted and recreated them.

I spent quite a few hours last night experimenting on PTR last night trying to get a character into an approximate gear state of what Sonickat is just for his tank gear on Live. I was unsuccessful. I am still interested in trying to get some test expeditions in but I’m still trying to figure out how we can get someone into a position to be able to help gar players by crafting. The provided gear is random and that simply doesn’t provide a realistc test. It might be fun to try running these dungeons in random perks but it won’t give us a good comparison.

I submitted a long feedback post that detailed by journey last night and a lot of different ideas to make the PTR startup more accessible to testers. I hope AGS at least gives it a quick scan.