New World PTR - Work in Progress

How do I play on the PTR server?

In the steam client, under the LIBRARY section you should see a “New World Public Test Realm” option. If you select it, you will be given the option to install the PTR client. Keep in mind this requires as much space as the original game install so you will need at least 45gb of free space on the hard drive you wish to install PTR on.

Once you install PTR, click the PLAY button from your library.

Starting a Character

As of right now, you can not copy a character from the live servers. You will be prompted to select a region like normal but most PTR seasons will only have one available PTR server. After configuring some settings through the wizard you will be prompted to select a backstory which in the PTR i was part of included a faction assignment.

After choosing a backstory you are asked to customize your character and name your character. It seems that the PTR shares the naming pool with normal servers as none of my characters I have names for on live servers was available.

You will load onto the beach in a starting area naked and level 60 with 600 Expertise in all slots. You will have your T5 staff and a bunch of items in your inventory. DO NOT OPEN THE BOXES!

Starting Inventory

You will start with 3 very very very large bags…


Plenty of Tuning Orbs from the 5 chests you get for orbs.


Be conservative in what you open. Bags open more bags open more bags in some cases. When you open the items they give you for gear its totally random rolls what you get 600 legendary. But when you open the item for say CON gear you get a new item for Heavy CON gear, Medium CON gear, and Light CON gear.

The gem bag is cut gems 25 of each pristine.

Consumables is a lot of everything including 40 stat food.

Fast Travel to Town

Go to the starting quest giver and you can fast travel to town. You get a generous amount of azoth to begin.

Random Notes

  • You can create two characters at once on PTR on the same server.
  • You can send offline invites so you can use companies and offline invites to join your own guild and transfer money between the characters to give you more gold to buy the expensive stuff on the PTR.
  • The most efficient way to get azoth vials is to grind cooking pip boxes because the other professions you have to click and watch each craft. The easiest way to do this is open 20 of the Meat containers and 10 Herbs and you can do several large 3k ish runs of hearty meals. Then go dump those on the ground rinse wash repeat. Yo can grind out to 200 cooking in short order. But its important to not do more then that because thats the limit you can do and cooking reduces it down for you to move. Getting to 200 cooking will get you about 1000 azoth vials.
  • Stat mods you have to farm from chests or NPCs they dont come from pips.
  • Crafting armor and weapons for pips is the best way to get get crafting mods that aren’t attribute specific.
  • Be sure to consider alternate stats when looking at starting gear for example 50 dex in a str build isnt horrible and you can often get good jewelry or armor pieces in the alternate stat combons.
  • Cooking recipes for crafting will come if you grind the cooking for the azoth if you try to make 590+ gear.
  • Camping is not learned to begin with when you create a 60 character but you only need to do the first camping quest to unlock it which if you plan to piddle around is valuable.
  • Names are restricted globally including on PTR. Most people use their live name plus PTR. For example I used: Sonickat PTR.