Most of you know Mahala - she is our Hospitality Officer, and that’s the perfect job for her. She greets everyone with big hugs and smiles, bags, gear, pets, toys, money, foods - everything for when you first start playing the game. She called Me today in tears because she’s in the hospital, and has been for over 3 weeks, and she’s afraid she’s not going to come home, and none of us will know about it and ultimately forget about her. When times are tough and you are confined to a place like a hospital, you feel your mortality, and she is feeling hers. She hasn’t been able to keep any food down, and no one knows why. She asks for prayers and good thoughts to be sent her way because she is feeling very low. So if everyone could just take a few minutes of their day and think good things about her, or pray for her if you’re so inclined, Mahala and the WoW Staff would definitely appreciate it. She needs our support, so let’s not let her down!


I am sorry to hear that. If you hear from her again please send her our love and best wishes for her.

Also she may want to see if Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome matches her symptoms. My bestie has it and it took over a year of research and multiple hospitalizations for her to figure out thats what she had.

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Tell her we wish her the best and are thinking of her!


If someone is passing messages for us…

Mahala! Please get better, soon.
Lot’s of newbies feel the love you bring.
Please remember to have some of ours!
Our Prayers of Comfort and Well Wishes for a speedy return are with you!!!



Sending lots of love, thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery.


Send her ALL of our positive vibes… all of them!

Sending my love and well wishes, will keep them in my prayers.

I don’t know her, but please pass on that I am keeping her in my thoughts.


Sending you thoughts and prayers. Please keep in touch with us.

Big hearts and BIG HUGS to you Mahala and best wishes for a speedy recovery

Oh my, Mahala I am sending you all the best wishes for a speedy recovery your way.


@Mahala , I hope you are being treated well and they find out what is wrong quickly!

Kick those Dr’s in the pants and make them fix you! :grin:
Hope to meet you online at some point when I’m gaming
more often. To do this, we have to get you home and healthy.
So get kicking.

Oh, golly, best wishes and prayers for getting well, out of the hospital, and back to us in WoW.

Naughty, let’s send her some flowers from otg.

Tell her the forums and discord (text) work great on phones and tablets. If she’s feeling lonely or scared, we’ve all seen what a great place this community can be. Tell her to hang in there!

I spoke with Mahala yesterday (Tues 7/21/2020) and the docs finally got her kidney infection under control. She sounded like the Mahala we all know and love, just happy and bubbling over. She’s finally on the road to recovery so hopefully she’ll be home soon. Keep sending the good stuff her way - everyone needs a little extra once in a while :slight_smile:



Thanks for the update!

Thanks a bunch for the update, Nawty!

Still sending those thoughts, wishes and prayers her way!

I haven’t posted anything in ages but seeing this today made me stop and pray for Mahala right now. Kind souls like her have always made OTG what it is.

I wrote the above before scrolling down to read more. I am very happy to hear she’s coming along well now. I feel like I just got an instant yes on my prayers. You don’t get that every day. I can only conclude she one very special lady. :smiley::heart: