Lost Ark - MMORPG - Soon to Release in NA - Video Review (Language Warning)

This is an in depth review of Lost Ark, a MMORPG+ARPG style game soon to be released in NA. It is a video by a well known YouTuber Quin69. Warning, the verbal content in some places is not work or family friendly…but it is a good review for anyone with an interest in this game.

Oh what I wouldn’t give for a game like this minus the gender locked classes, Korean/anime/waifu art style and overboard effects. Is that too much to ask? :smirk:

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Agreed. I made it through the video right up to the point where I saw the 20ft over-sized dragging long sword.

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I watched Quin69 stream it. It definitely has some potential.

I hear you I can’t deal with the Asian theme, as for Diablo killer it’s already been slayed by Path of Exile.

Sounds like Amazon just acquired the rights to publish Lost Ark in the West https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6hmUGzmFKE&t=473s

Just waiting on a confirmation from Amazon on it, but it really can’t be anything but Lost Ark.

Between that and Blue Protocol I’m hoping to have an Anime MMO home again next year.