Looking for a Game Development Lead for Fallout 76

As we get nearer to a Fallout 76 release date, there does seen to be a higher level of OTG interest in Fallout 76. We are looking for an intrepid volunteer to shepherd this game through to release (and perhaps beyond).

For those that are interested in this leadership role, please send a PM to @Dewald and @Hashberry and we will get back to you.

I nominate the Peppard family! ducks

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Since there is no guild/clan mechanism in the game (as yet) I assume we’ll need to identify each other in game as our Bethesda.net account names?


I think it will be a few months before factions and private servers are implemented. Addons/mods will be added with private servers and I believe limited to that medium.

Here are links to information about factions and private servers.

If anyone has found current information regarding clan implementation, let us know.

So far I’m enjoying the player population restriction in each world/server, but I haven’t heard how that will affect private servers. I know private servers will be able to adjust the level of PVP.

bump! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Now that more of you are excited about this game, is anyone interested in becoming a game lead? I promise to try to be nice… We’ve got some great interest and folks chatting about this here and on Discord, hanging out in voice, etc. If you think… “maybe”, drop either myself or Dewald a line. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Raises hand. I’m game to help however I can. Cheers -Fin

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Itsa TRAP!!!

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