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I am 12

Precisely my thought draco. It allows people to spread out. We’re out in EBFE, mining/salvaging, exploring, whatever, far from everyone and everything, completely self-sufficient. Have a gemini fly out now and again to fuel us up, a cat to bring parts we need, but otherwise we log in and out on the thing.

And Sim, now that I’ve met you…yes, you are 12, but then aren’t we all, really? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it may bring the “will it fit” thing to a whole new level as folks see just how much stuff they can cram onto that deck.

Agreed. It’s a landing pad. With some creativity, you can put a LOT of things on those pads :slight_smile: Now, does that extra mass impact fuel or maneuvering? Are there “lockdowns” that need to be in place to keep things from sliding around, etc?

The particular reference to “if it sits it fits” that was made in the booklet was about the internal hangar.
They have not been very forthcoming with the size of that hangar, but it seems that it is big enough for 2 Cutlass Blacks or a single Connie to fit. So how many Bucs is that? Or Gladius’ (Gladii?)

If you can travel with ships mounted to the pads AND some others internal then that makes this a giant win for Drake and for the community that has been begging for a pocket carrier for years.

I seriously doubt I will be able to afford one when they go on sale next week, unless by some miracle they let me store credit one in which case I will melt a ton of shit to get it. It is worth it!

side note: I was watching a video of the talk last week with Tony Z and I recognized a particular voice in the crowd, hehe. It was you, Mac, asking about prison and time :slight_smile:

Yup, and chatted a lot with him after, that was my primary reason for being there. He’s still on track for what I’m looking for, which made me quite happy.

As for the Kraken, we’ll hear more 10/22 I’m assuming, but there are (as always) more questions than answers :slight_smile:

video of the talk? Can you point me to where that is, Sim?

Here’s TZ’s talk:

Got my Kraken invite to buy. I think it kicks off tonight 19 Oct at 23:00 UTC .

Edit: They resent it and looks like I am Wave 7 , one of you will need to let me know how much.

I got the e-mail as well.

I am wave 6. I think it starts noon on Saturday. I will post if someone doesn’t beat me to it.

I’m Wave 1.

$1400 warbond
$1650 otherwise

I’d link you something, but the moment I bought mine the page went away, 1 per customer.

No CCU, I don’t think non-warbond has LTI, but I didn’t see it so I’m not sure. I bought warbond.

Non warbond does have LTI

FYI any ship over 1k is LTI

I am wave 5

So now I am in a real pickle.

No way I can afford the warbond right now. Just went in for another back procedure this week, medical bills and CitizenCon have tapped me out.

So it is a big decision: Melt some bigger ships and/or packages and get the Kraken, or stick with my fleet as is and plan to get one in game.

I have long been waiting for the pocket carrier. It was one of the reasons I fell in love with the Endeavor.
But I would be melting a chunk of stuff to get this ship.

What to do, what to do…

Same as mac. Wave 1. Warbond.

I’m guessing the waves are based on how much you’ve pledged. I don’t know how much the quality of your response factored in.

Looking at the funding, I’m guessing they’ve sold 200+ so far.

Totally agree, the responses were just a way to gauge interest. The waves are determined by pledges and I would say probably recent pledges at that.

Proud owner of a Kraken.

No longer the owner of a lot of ships I was hanging on to, some which I will buy back over time. But I got the damn Kraken.

Fuck You CIG and your Pokemon Spaceship game

Kraken is a cool ship, but dayum that price emphatically tells me I don’t need (can’t afford) one. :smirk:

I am still on the fence. Like Sim, I would have to melt some stuff.

I also registered and was in wave 5. As I am not able to throw in any more new funds I decided that I rather keep my Idris P instead of melting and re-building my fleet and trying for the Kraken. Anyways I’d be happy to work with guildies on the Kraken or otherwise when the game goes live.