Just Keeping in Touch

Well, here we are again. This 91 yr old timer is checking in - I’m still around, goofing around with skyrim. Just like to keep in touch. Hi Gang. It’s all about having fun, and I’m still having fun.


Hi there Trustee, so glad to hear from you. Enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! :turkey:

Nice to hear from you….Happy Thanksgiving a few hours early.

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you - and good gaming.

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Thanks, always good to hear from you old friend. Good gaming to you.
I’m still hanging in there.

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Living proof that there is no Old Age end to gaming and being social. If only my parents understood that video games CAN be a productive part of someones life :slight_smile:

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and keep on trucking Trustee!

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Happy Thanksgiving Trustee!

Always good to hear from you @Trustee!

Wishing everyone a stress-free holiday season with lots of gaming! :gift:

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Returning best wishes to you and great gaming.

Happy Thanksgiving and good gaming.

Happy thanksgiving and good gaming.

Hey Trustee,

Glad you are doing great and enjoying life. I look forward to you checkins…

Happy Gaming

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Happy Thanksgiving and let’s hear it for gaming.

Trustee…WHAT’S UP???

Glad to hear from you dude

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Trustee, nice to hear from you.

If someone asks if you have pants on for your raid or dungeon you can just tell them this!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving.

It was great to have you in the Mogler group, enjoyed playing with you!


Happy Thanksgiving Trustee!
Thanks for keeping in touch and glad to hear all is well

Oh Tess, How good it is to hear from you. I remember the good old days. Group 6 in LOTRO. Those were the days.